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Banking / Funding

Creating an annual budget (here is a PDF sample) is one of the first, most important steps in planning for your group’s events and activities. Almost every funding source requires a budget when you request funds. Budgeting can help your group better plan events and avoid financial surprises. Make your budget early, and update it often. For complete instructions, see Financial Planning.


2010-2011 Summer Resident Assistant Forms

2010-2011 Summer RA Confirmation of Acceptance Form

Please print out the Confirmation of Acceptance form, then enter in all applicable information.  "Init" is short for "initial here."

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Student Jobs

service starsThe Haas Center for Public Service engages part-time student employees to achieve our mission. 

We welcome Stanford undergraduate and graduate students to work with us in student staff positions. Job responsibilities range from writing stories to organizing student tutors to administrative support.


Fundraising Tips

  • Exhaust on-campus funding options before considering off-campus funding
  • Effective fundraising requires sufficient lead-time and good organization
  • Have one person in your group keep track of funding progress
  • Include a detailed budget with real cost estimates to expedite donor review of your requests
  • Donors can take time (often up to 2 months) to process donations
  • If you need the funds to book speakers, obtain space or advertise y

Application and Approval Process

  1. Develop a program proposal and detailed, reasonable budget including the following:

    • Anticipated expenses
    • On-campus funding sources solicited and result
    • Desired amount to raise from your proposed off-campus funding sources
  2. Fill out the Off-campus Fundraising Application.

    • Proposals that do not have sufficient lead-time cannot be accepted.
  3. Meet with an SAL advisor to discuss


Off-campus Fundraising

University policies govern all fundraising activities for cash, goods or services done by departments and student groups directed to off-campus entities including local businesses, corporations, foundations or individuals.  Off-campus fundraising activities by any Stanford entity including student organizations is restricted and in most cases requires prior University approval from the Office of Development.


On-Campus Funding Sources

Find Funding On Campus!

Primary Sources of Funding

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Winter 2010 Workshops

The Haas Center offers workshops each quarter for the Stanford community to cultivate exposure, knowledge, and skills on a wide range of topics and issue areas relating to public service.

Winter Quarter 2010 Schedule


Frequently Asked Questions About Certifications


Q: What is the name of the Dean of Students?

A: The name of the Dean of Students is Chris Griffith.

Q: Do I need to meet with the Dean of Student Affairs or any other University administrator in order to get my certification form processed?

A: No, there is no need to meet with the Dean or any other administrator.

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General Resources

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The resources we provide student organizations are consistent with the Haas Center’s guiding philosophy: to address student and community needs in ethical and effective ways.