Meet Our Peer Career Consultants

Each PCC has a specialty area in which they've had work experience, will create programming for and can speak to students with an interest in that particular industry. Two PCC's are listed as "Undecided" and will focus on programming for underclassmen.

5 Ways for New Students to Connect with the Career Development Center Team

The staff here at the Career Development Center is excited to welcome all new students! Find out how to connect with us during new student orientation, whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, transfer, or international student. 

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Need some help with your resume?  Have some quick career-related questions?  If so, Resume+ is for you!

CDC Hosts CSIWest Social Media Buzz

CDC Hosts CSI West!

The Stanford Career Development Center recently had the privilege of hosting CSIWest on their West Coast events tour this summer! Check out the social media buzz below!

RichCareer Twitter Chat Social Media

RichCareer Twitter Chat on Future Trends in Career Services

Farouk Dey was invited to participate in a Twitter chat on his recent article "10 Future Trends in College Career Services" on RichCareer! Check out the social media activity and buzz here!


10 Future Trends in College Career Services

Stanford's Career Development Center is on the move to help students across campus find their career paths.

NACE Conference & Expo 2014 Social Media

NACE Conference & Expo 2014

Stanford's Career Development Center was represented at the NACE Conference & Expo 2014 by career center staff. AVP and Dean of Career Education, Farouk Dey spoke about "The Future of University Career Services." Check out the social media buzz during the conference here!

Class of 2013 Destinations Survey

Where do Stanford students go after they graduate?

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1. Top Employers by Positions Offered: As many Stanford undergraduate students pursue graduate studies at Stanford, Stanford employs many students after graduation.

Career Ventures

Jennifer Rutt
Associate Dean & Director of Career Ventures - *Social Impact

Picture and biography to come!





Career Catalysts

Danielle Wood
Associate Dean & Director of Career Catalysts - Faculty Networks

Picture and biography to come!