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Comic Transcript for CSSquirrel: Squirrel in the Dark

The room is entirely dark. Nothing can be seen. There is a loud thump as someone runs into a piece of furniture.
Squirrel: "Hey, John... John Foliot? Where are you?! I can't see a bloody - OW!"
John Foliot: "Careful, Squirrel. I'm over here. Look out for the end table."
Squirrel: "I think my shins already found it. Why the heck are all your lights off?"
John: "You said you wanted to learn all about accessibility. I figured the easiest way was to drop you in the pool. The computer is right here. Sit down."

Program Services

Stanford’s Online Accessibility Program offers a number of services to Campus content creators and web developers seeking to ensure accessible web content and compliance to accessibility guidelines and mandated policies. Currently these services are offered to all schools, departments, faculty members and other groups within the Stanford community. Many of the following services are specialized or tightly focused, and require specific scheduling for their delivery. Contact us for more details and to discuss your specific needs.

Tips and Tricks

Best Practices guidance for content authors.

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Understanding WCAG 2

Rather than issuing a simple checklist of “do’s and don’ts”, WCAG 2 instead establishes a series of Success Criteria to address various online content barriers. The Success Criteria are written as testable statements that are not technology-specific. This approach ensures that content authors are not told that they cannot do a particular thing, but instead offers means and suggestions for ensuring that whatever is created can be made accessible. 

Test Procedure


Please provide a concise, readable summary of the policy, standard or procedure here. Many times, this text will be shared to other sites within the Student Affairs Division, along with a link to the full policy. It is best to be brief, concise and direct.

Read the full Procedure:


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Stanford Online Accessibility Program

The Stanford Online Accessibility Program has been established to provide guidance to the Stanford Community as they use various online means to share information to their respective constituents. The program has the mandate to assist web designers and online content creators in producing material that is accessible to the greatest audience possible. The program achieves this through the promotion of Universal Accessibility and web standards compliance.