Career Steps

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Jobs & Internships

Information on Career Fairs, on-campus recruiting, strategies for a job search, researching employers and more.

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Identify Your Interests

View career planning timelines, see what alumni with different majors are doing now (you may be surprised) and learn about yourself and your interests with self-assessments. Includes section about career paths for PhD students.

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Research Your Career Fields

Explore careers that interest you or begin your job hunt with these resources in a variety of specific fields, in categories such as the Arts, Law, Public Service, Engineering, Science, and more.

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Resumes/CVs & Cover Letters

Tips and samples for writing resumes, CVs, and cover letters

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Employers don't interview candidates they don't feel are qualified, therefore once you’ve made it past the initial screening it's your opportunity to convince an employer, using your powers of persuasion and communication skills, that you are the right person for the job.

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Accept a Job and Manage Your Career

Congratulations! You’ve found a job! Before signing an employer offer, make sure it is the right job for you. You’ll need to evaluate the offer (possibly comparing it to other offers) and negotiate, if necessary.