Career Planning Timelines for Undergraduates

Year Academics Career Planning Extracurricular Activities
  • Try required courses to help explore majors
  • Meet regularly with your academic advisor
  • Meet professors, take advantage of office hours
  • Attend Majors Event fall quarter
  • Register with the CDC
  • Participate in the Frosh Open House in early January
  • Attend the Freshman 5 Series workshops
  • Attend a CDC Summer Job/Internship workshop
  • Meet with a CDC Counselor to become familiar with career resources
  • Ask an RA or RF for help if you need it
  • Get involved in dorm activities, student organizations and/or public service projects
  • Nurture hobbies, balance work and play
  • Work on projects requiring teamwork
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss majors and your 4-year plan
  • Research faculty advisors
  • Attend Majors Event fall quarter
  • Take courses that will foster discussion
  • Investigate off-campus study abroad programs
  • Visit departmental web pages to learn about majors and  requirements to declare
  • Register with the CDC if you haven't yet
  • Spend time in the CDC Career Resource Library, researching career fields of interest
  • Meet with professionals through the Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM) Program and CareerConnect
  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss majors as they relate to careers
  • Look for summer internships or part-time jobs to gain valuable experience
  • Attend CDC workshops and career fairs
  • Consider taking a leadership role in dorm, campus organization or class projects
  • Volunteer, build team experience
  • Study abroad or participate in an off campus program
  • Research grad school, if appropriate
  • Investigate topics for an Honors thesis
  • Look for funded summer research project opportunities through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Office
  • Pre-med students take MCAT's unless taking 1-3 years off to work prior to med school
  • Register with the CDC if you haven't yet
  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss your career goals
  • Attend CDC workshops, panels, and career/internship fairs
  • Schedule informational interviews with alumni through CareerConnect to explore careers
  • Look for a summer job or internship or create your own internship relating to your interests
  • Explore the iNet Internship Consortium
  • Apply for RA positions
  • Consider starting a small business
  • Work in an office to build interpersonal skills
  • Participate in a Spring Break service project or summer public service project funded by Haas Center or alumni clubs
  • Research & apply for grad school. Consider 2-3 years work experience first, to enhance learning.
  • Work on a research project with a professor
  • Register with the CDC if you haven't yet
  • Meet with a career counselor to refine your resume and cover letter
  • Focus on and discuss future career plans
  • Explore job search strategies
  • Attend career workshops and employer information sessions
  • Participate in an independent job search and/or Cardinal Recruiting program
  • Check CDC online job listings
  • Join professional organizations/associations
  • Project financial needs and a realistic budget
  • Talk about your first year after graduation: your ideal work, lifestyle, proximity to friends and family, values and longer term goals