The skills that you have developed during graduate studies are readily transferable to a variety of occupational settings. The following table outlines some possible career options. Research career fields that interest you. Take some related courses or participate in internships, part-time, or volunteer work to test out your interest and suitability for the job. Use your research to narrow the field of options, overcome barriers, and decide on the next step. Modified from Outside the Ivory Tower, by Margaret Newhouse.

  Business & High Tech Media Education Non-
Public Policy
Research & Analysis R&D, risk analysis, market research, consulting journalism, market research research centers, educational research & evaluation, archival work research efforts, think tanks, research centers, foundations government research, state & local agencies
Teaching sales, training, development sales, radio/TV, advertising, journalism teaching, freelance, lecturing public education, development, community organizing politics, executive branch, fundraising, interest groups
Writing & Communication corporate communications, communications analysis, PR, advertising journalism, writing, editing, publishing, PR, advertising publishing (educational), reporting, writing PR, newsletter & publications editing speech & report writing
Administration & Management management positions, consulting editing, publishing, corporate publications, management academic administration (college dean, school principal) event planning, foundation management program management, agency administration
Problem Solving consulting, marketing, management investigative reporting, PR, management, specialty consulting academic administration, educational consulting management, nonprofit consulting, thinktanks government positions, policy research, political consulting
People Skills consulting, marketing, management sales/marketing in publishing, interviewing student services (counseling, administration) development, management, advocacy politics, (candidate or staff), fundraising, lobbying
Technical & Scientific Skills info. systems, R&D, CAD, actuarial consultant specialty publishing, professional journals, tech. writing computers in education, curriculum development R&D, consulting fo rhospitals, info. systems, environmental groups national labs, EPA, Census, NSF, NIH, OTS, international scientific agencies
International Expertise cultural consulting, risk analysis, international business international media, specialty publishing international education, curriculum development, educational tours international consulting & orgs. Peace Corps, international orgs & agencies, policy think tanks
Arts & Other Creative Skills advertising, computer music, graphics criticism, writing, art, illustration art education museums, music therapy, arts orgs. administration of arts agencies

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