Links to various sites regarding the legal profession.

Vault CareerInsider Online Library

eBooks just for you! Employer guides - Industry guides - Career topics. Snapshot profiles for 2500 companies. Use your Stanford email address to register and choose "Guides".

Some of the over 90 Guides: Veterinary and Animal Careers, Biotech, Entertainment, Capitol Hill, Consulting, Fashion, Electrical Engineering, Fundraising & Philanthropy, International Development and others.

CDC Career Resource Library

Career descriptions, industry information, job listings, and enterprise directories. Expert reference help.   Categories are: Arts & Design, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Business, Education, Engineering & Computer Science, Environment, Medicine & Healthcare, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Majors & Careers, Public Service, Nonprofits, Government, and Foundations.

Career Field Specialist Summaries  

International Careers
Public Service

 Occupational Outlook Handbook  (OOH)

Direct link to Professional and Related Occupations of the OOH. Future employment outlook, education, earning potential, training requirements, and professional associations for 250 occupations. The source is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

California Occupational Guides

These occupations in California are analyzed for skills, knowledge and abilities, wages, training requirements, job outlook, and job description. 

JobStar Guides for Specific Careers

Anthropology and Archeology, Art History, Computers, Ecology & Environment, Health Administration, Laboratory (Medical), Library, Multimedia, Veterinary Medicine, Zoological Parks, and others.

WetFeet Industry and Careers Resources

Check out all the industry profiles and career descriptions. Requirements, career tracks, the job outlook and compensation are thoroughly explored. Includes Human Resources, Manufacturing, Social Work, Sales and Trading, Web Design and over 50 more.