Learn About Medicine and Healthcare Careers

Materials in the CDC Resource Library

  • Career Opportunities in Healthcare, by Shelly Field
    Covers 19 areas of healthcare including dentistry, vision care, nursing, nutrition, radiology and more
  • Opportunities to Care: the Pfizer guide to careers in Nursing, published by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group
    Profiles the life and work of nurses in the field
  • Educational and Career Opportunities in Alternative Medicine, by Rosemary Jones
    Describes programs for licensing in the areas of acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, licensed midwifery and certification in acupressure, holistic medicine, and more

Online Resources

  • Vault Career Library
    Free access to Vault publications provided by the CDC, using your Stanford email address
    • Vault Guide to Allied Health Care Careers
    • Vault Guide to Health Care Management
    • Vault Career Guide to Nursing
    • Vault Career Guide to Physical Therapy
    • Vault Guide to the Top Health Care Employers
    • Vault Guide to Veterinary and Animal Careers
  • Explore Health Careers
    Great coverage on health careers including a pdf on becoming a Veterinarian
  • ClinicalTrials.gov

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Networking and Professional Organizations

Job and Internship Listings

  • Healthmedicaljobs
    Job opportunities in health care and nursing
  • Jobcentral
    Place health related terms for your search as this site has excellent job listings and search capabilities
  • Idealist
    Use "health and medicine" as a key area of focus when doing a search as these jobs are mainly in the non-profit arena

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