Advertising to students

  • Email Blasts: The CDC can send emails to targeted student populations about related events and services.
    Regular electronic newsletters are sent to students interested in one or more of the following areas: Business, Arts/Media/Communications, Public Service, International, Engineering, Environment & Sustainability, Science, Graduate Students.
  • Web Banners/CDC Screen Shots: Relevant events may be eligible for a banner on the CDC web page and the advertising screens on the first and second floor of the Student Services Building.
  • Calendaring: Programs/Events can be listed on the CDC calendaring systems.
  • Web Portal: The CDC can list student groups on industry focused web portals.

Advertising to employers

The CDC has an extensive database of employers who have recruited at Stanford. Groups can
partner with the CDC to advertise for specific events or fairs using this database.

  • Employer Newsletter: Once a quarter, the CDC sends a newsletter to Stanford affiliated employers. Students can request to advertise events/programs in the newsletter.

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Targeted programming and resources

  • Workshops: The CDC can conduct workshops tailored to the student group’s interests regarding resume writing, interviewing skills and job search strategies.
  • Resources: The CDC offers advising about specific resources that would be helpful for particular
    student groups. Resources and services related to job or internship web sites, alumni networking resources.

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Event planning support

  • Registration tools: The CDC has online registration tools that can be used for career fairs and conferences. The CDC can also handle online payment for these events.

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Student group policies

To ensure that student activities do not duplicate or conflict with other related groups including the CDC and that these activities meet professional standards for quality and compliance to Stanford policies and local, state and federal laws, student organizations should consult with the CDC for approval of all career related events and services.Student groups are expected to consolidate their activities with other campus organizations when appropriate. Contact Veda Jeffries at or 650-725-2824 to start the approval process.

  • Company Information Sessions: The CDC should be notified of company information sessions being hosted by your organization. These sessions must be open to all students. The CDC will help advertise the information sessions to students. If student groups plan to incur costs for hosting the information session, groups should consult with the CDC. Companies that are not in good standing with the University cannot organize information sessions without the specific permission from the CDC.
  • Job Search Workshops/Services: These events must be open to all students. Student groups may indicate a reasonable limit on the number of students who participate. The CDC will assist in advertising these events, and consult with student groups to ensure that professional standards are maintained.
  • Career Fairs: The CDC will provide organizational support, ensure that employer partners receive professional service, and assist in promoting the event to students. Contact Jim Frizzell at or call 650-725-2831 for more details.
  • Job/Internship Listings: These services need to be reviewed by the CDC to ensure they do not duplicate existing services. If your organization is asked to promote an internship or a job, please be sure that the position is also posted on the CDC’s job/internship database to avoid potential employment law violations. Go to the Employer Portal
  • Partnerships with Career Service Vendors: If you are considering partnering or listing vendors who provide career services (i.e. job postings, resume writing/interviewing tools), you must first obtain the approval of the CDC. The CDC will review the request and research existing resources to ensure there is no duplication of existing services and the quality of the resource/service.

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