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The curriculum vitae (Latin for "course of life"; also referred to as the CV or vita) is a comprehensive synopsis of your academic credentials, research achievements, and teaching experiences. It is used to apply for academic and research positions, grants, fellowships, and awards. Unlike the resume, the CV has no restrictions on length and grows longer as you become more accomplished. The organization of your CV should be guided by your strengths, requirements of the job, and conventions of your discipline. Review CV samples that follow for various formats and strategies.

In compiling your CV:

  • Customize your materials for various types of applications
  • Expect to prepare 2-3 versions of your CV to address specific requirements of the position or nature of the institution. For example, you may want to list your research first when applying to research institutions, but place teaching experience first when applying to smaller liberal arts or community colleges
  • Follow CV conventions of your discipline. Since CV norms can vary from field to field, ask for advice and samples from your department and advisor
  • Have your CV proofread several times by various people including faculty members from your department

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