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  • The library is open to all undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral Stanford students and alumni.
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Top Resources

Vault CareerInsider


Case Questions Interactive

Rich's HighTech Directory

Bizjournal's Books of Lists


Uniworld Int'l Directory

The Versatile PhD

CEI Internships Series

Vault CareerInsider Online Library

  • In-depth eBook employer guides as well as career field guides
  • Snapshot profiles for 2500 companies


A career and employment resource with world-wide job postings and internship listings, an international employer database, and 34 country-specific career guides. The country guides contain: work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, and cultural/interviewing advice.  

Goinglobal's USA City Guides are particularly helpful for international students planning for United States employment.  Each City Guide contains job search, resume, and interviewing guidelines, as well as the top 250 companies which have submitted petitions for H1-B visas.

Case Questions Interactive

  • Business case interview questions
  • Practice for management consulting and technology company job interviews
  • By Marc Cosentino, author of Case in Point: Complete Case Interview Preparation

    Rich's Directory of HighTech and BioTech Companies

    1. First click on Product Code button to search by categories such as: Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Drug Discovery, Aerospace/Aircraft, Lasers/Optics/Photonics, Robotics, and Semiconductors.
    2. Click the Proximity button to restrict by zip code or area code.
    3. Click the Company button to restrict by size of company.

    Bizjournal's Books of Lists

    LIsts of top companies in Biopharma, Medical Devices, Marketing & Advertising, and Non-profits.   40 major American cities include San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Austin, Washington D.C.

    • Scroll down to the desired city and click its link
    • Click "View Book of Lists"
    • Look in Table of Contents for industry list that you want
    • Print or download the list

    Lexis-Nexis Create a Company List

    1. Select blue "Companies" button in left-hand column
    2. Choose "Dossier to Create a Company List"
    3. Search by:
      • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code
      • Geographic location
      • Number of employees
      • Sales/revenue


        • U.S. companies with overseas branches
        • Overseas companies with U.S. branches
        • 200,000 companies in 190 countries

        The Versatile PhD

        With funding support from the Vice Provost for Graduate Education

        A resource on non-academic careers for grad students in humanities and social science:

        • Read first-person stories written by real humanities and social science PhDs and ABDs who have established non-academic careers.
        • Join a thriving, supportive web-based community and dialogue with "Versatile PhDs" in and outside the academy.
        • Completely confidential. No one at any university will know you are on this web site unless you tell them. Not your advisor, not your peers ... nobody.

        CEI Internship Series

        • Well-researched, high impact internships in over 2,800 organizations.
        • Human rights, Women's rights, Media, International Affairs, Top Companies, and more...
        • Click on "Internships for Undergraduates"
        • Note: Email with “CEI  password request” in the subject line to receive login information.

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