The Board on Judicial Affairs (BJA) is a 15-person standing committee composed of Stanford faculty, staff and students (both graduate and undergraduate) that is charged with overseeing judicial affairs including adopting or modifying bylaws specifying policies and procedures, adopting and/or modifying the Student Conduct Penalty Code, and proposing amendments to the Student Judicial Charter of 1997. All members of the Stanford community are invited to propose suggestions about modifications of judicial procedures to the Board. The BJA consists of students jointly appointed by the Undergraduate Senate and the Graduate Student Council of the Associated Students of Stanford University, faculty appointed by the Senate of the Academic Council, and University staff appointed by the Provost. 

In accordance with the Student Judicial Charter of 1997, the Board on Judicial Affairs welcomes input from members of the Stanford community and invites them to propose suggestions about modification of judicial procedures.  The BJA encourages open discussion while also recognizing the necessity of confidentiality in its discussion of sensitive topics.  Summarized minutes will continue to be published on the web.  Requests to present business in front of the BJA should be directed to the BJA co-chairs.  Guests will be invited to attend specific parts of BJA meetings as appropriate.  The BJA will have an open forum at least once per year for the community to contribute public comment.

Board Members, 2014-2015 Academic Year


  • Eve Clark, Linguistics*
  • David Freeman Engstrom, Law*
  • Adrian Daub, German Studies
  • Tamar Schapiro, Philosophy*
  • Ross Shachter, Management Science and Engineering*


  • Shalini Bhutani, Bechtel International Center*
  • Sue Crutcher, School of Earth Sciences*
  • Cathy Glaze, Law School, Co-chair*
  • Lauren Schoenthaler, Office of General Counsel (non-voting)*


  • Adam Horowitz, Sociology (graduate), Co-chair*
  • Liana Kadisha, Symbolic Systems; Modern Languages (undergraduate)
  • Samuel Kurland, Undeclared (undergraduate)
  • Edward Ngai, Political Science (undergraduate)
  • Shireen Rudina, Bioengineering (graduate)
  • Joyce Zhang, School of Business (graduate)


* returning member

Please call (650) 725-2485 or email with any questions or requests for additional information.