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Fundamental Standard

The Fundamental Standard sets the standard for conduct of all students at Stanford, and has since it was enacted in 1896. In recent years, the Stanford Judicial Council and Board on Judicial Affairs have added clarification about how driving under the influence should be treated with regard to the Fundamental Standard.

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Honor Code

The Honor Code is the University’s statement about academic integrity. It governs student conduct in all academic endeavors and guides the relationship between students and faculty.

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Student Judicial Charter

The Student Judicial Charter of 1997 describes the adjudication process in place at Stanford for addressing violations of the Honor Code and Fundamental Standard. This document includes information about rights of all parties involved, an outline of the steps in the judicial process, and descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of those investigating and hearing cases.

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Penalty Code

The Penalty Code describes both the sanctions that may be administered during the judicial process and the circumstances in which they may be applied.

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Other Stanford Policies

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to other policies, standards and guidelines while they are at Stanford besides the Honor Code and the Fundamental Standard.