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Dear Stanford Chicano/Latino Alumni,

Greetings from El Centro! We would like to wish you all well and let you know we are having a spectacular year on the Farm. We now have close to 1,500 Latino undergraduate and graduate students on campus. All of our signature events have been wonderfully successful, and attendance has continued to be great. We’ve added some new programs this quarter too, such as roundtable sessions on topics such as the role of race within the Latino community and the place of Latinos within the academic profession. We've been able to offer more advising sessions for students here at Centro, thanks to our partnerships with the Career Development Center, Undergraduate Advising and Research, and the School of Humanities and Sciences. Finally, we’re pleased to report that despite a reduction in staff hours over the summer, our students returned from their breaks to find a newly renovated lounge, complete with new furniture, new artwork, and a new plasma screen television. You are all cordially invited to come and see El Centro for yourself the next time you are back on campus.

Our most significant change comes with the introduction of fellow Stanford alumna, Ms. Elvira Prieto (Stanford Class of ’96) to our professional staff as the Associate Director of El Centro. Elvira brings a wealth of knowledge to this position. She completed her graduate training at Harvard, and she has many years of professional experience at universities across the country. Some of you may already know her, for she was very active within the community while a student here at Stanford. We’re all so delighted to have her back on the Farm! Equally exciting is to have Ms. Margaret Sena continue a second year as Graduate Student Program Developer. Margaret, a doctoral candidate at Princeton University, has done an amazing job at identifying faculty and staff who can serve as resources for students. She has also facilitated the building of community among graduate students from various departments and schools. As a result, El Centro has now become one of the few places on campus where doctoral students from various departments can interact with each other and with students from the professional schools.

We are so thankful to all of our wonderful alumni for their continued support for El Centro and our programs. We’re so pleased that Stanford alumni have attended all of our major events this year. Would you like to be more involved with El Centro? There are lots of opportunities. Go to El Centro’s website and check out the Volunteer page. Here are more ways that you can give something back to this new generation of bright and talented Chicano/Latino Stanford students:

  • Nominate and alumnus or alumna to the Alumni Hall of Fame; send your nomination letter to
  • Sign up to mentor Stanford students through the Stanford Alumni Mentoring program:
  • Serve on the Guiding Concilio, the center’s advisory board (openings will be advertised as they arise)
  • Attend Student/Alumni Networking Dinner to be held on a biannual basis (next one to be held in Winter 201)
  • Donate a book to El Centro’s library; current listings will be posted on our website
  • Come to El Centro’s web page and make a monetary contribution to support El Centro’s programs and services as well as the voluntary student organizations affiliated with El Centro

Would you like to stay connected with the events taking place on campus? You can do so from wherever you are by visiting El Centro’s website or El Centro’s Facebook page. We have a weekly E-Newsletter that lists all events at El Centro posted on the Facebook page under “Events”.

Best wishes,

Frances Morales, Ph.D.
Associate Dean & Director

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