Fingerprinting Information for Community Service Organizations at Stanford

NOTE: These instructions for fingerprinting are ONLY applicable to students of Stanford University. 

Stanford students volunteering in the community with vulnerable populations (youth, elderly, incarcerated, veterans) may be required to have their fingerprints scanned and a background check run prior to participation in any group volunteer activities. The fingerprinting process is simple and costs the individual volunteer or the sponsoring student organization $20 in cash or check. Fingerprints are checked by the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). If you are a member of a registered Stanford Voluntary Student Organization (VSO), you may apply for up to 100% of fees associated with fingerprinting costs to be subsidized (reference: ASSU Funding Code #7820 for Registration Fees).

Important notes about fingerprinting:

If you have any questions about the fingerprinting process, please contact Kristen Azevedo before attempting any of the below instructions:

  1. Students DO NOT need to be re-fingerprinted each calendar year; prints are valid for the duration of a student's academic career at Stanford.
  2. Notification of clearance will be sent to the Risk Management Department on campus and concerns will then be forwarded along to the Haas Center.
  3. It is the host organization’s responsibility to ensure that all students volunteering at their site have been fingerprinted and cleared. The Haas Center will not contact organizations directly with this information. Host organizations can contact Kristen Azevedo to verify that students have gone through the process.

Steps student volunteers need to take for fingerprinting:

  1. Visit the Santa Clara County Sheriff Fingerprint Appointment website and click the “Make Appointment” button.
  2. Fill out the form exactly as shown (see attached instructions and directions below). Use no punctuation whatsoever and leave all fields blank unless otherwise noted.
    • Fields under the "Applicant Submission" include:
      • Agency ORI Code: "A8537"
      • Authorized Applicant Type: "Haas Center for Public Service"
      • Type of License/Certification/Permit OR Working Title: "Volunteer"
    • Fields under "Contributing Agency Information" include:
      • Agency authorized to receive criminal history information: "Leland Stanford Jr University"
      • Mail Code: "06988"
      • Street No. Street or PO Box: "215 Panama St., Bld. D"
      • Contact Name: "Risk Management/Jo Thorne"
      • City, State, Zip Code: "Stanford, CA 94305-6207"
      • Contact Telephone Number: "650-723-4555"
    • Fields under "Application Information" include:
      • Billing No: "144022"
      • Level of Service: mark "x" for DOJ, FBI
  3. Click “Next” and select a date and time to go to the Stanford Live Scan Office.
  4. Print three (3) copies of the form when instructed to do so, and take all copies to the Live Scan office at your appointment time. The Stanford Police Live Scan office is located at 711 Serra Street at the Stanford University Department of Public Safety.
  5. The Live Scan Office sends the prints to the California Department of Justice and FBI electronically and is much quicker than manual prints. It generally takes 4 to 10 business days to process the prints. Please be aware that out of state prints take longer to process. 
  6. When you finish the Live Scan procedure, the Live Scan Office will keep the original copy of the form.  You are responsible for giving one form to the student leader of your student organization keeping one copy for yourself in a safe, secure location. 

For more information, please contact Kristen Azevedo.