The Flourish program is dedicated to helping LGBT and questioning students thrive at Stanford. Programs hosted by Flourish! mentors focus on health, wellness, and resilience. The Flourish! team welcomes queer and questioning students to Stanford, helping them to develop strong support, social and academic networks. The year begins with New Student Orientation, with a panel event for queer students, an open house at the Fire Truck House, and a Queer and Questioning Women's luncheon. During the fall, a special frosh and transfer program help students new to Stanford acclimatize to their new campus community. This takes place through lunches that introduce many resources available on campus through guest speakers and panels; they also provide a safe and open space for discussions around sexuality, coming out, family and dorm life, stereotypes, relationships, academics, and mental health. The year's two student mentors also aim to create a community that helps LGBTQ+ and questioning students feel welcomed, supported and encouraged during all their years on campus and are happy to meet with any student to talk things through. Other campus resources devoted to health and wellness include:


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