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The Stanford Bulletin is the University's statement of record. The Registrar's Office provides these resources to assist staff in the development and transfer of information in a timely, accurate manner.

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Courses, Class Scheduling, and Events

The Registrar's Office processes scheduling requests from departments.

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Degree Progress

The Registrar works with Student Services administrators in the academic departments, programs, and schools to track major declarations, University degree requirements, degree conferral, and other milestones in a student's progress towards the degree.

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The Registrar manages grading rosters and records in perpetuity the grades assigned by faculty.

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Graduate Admissions Staff Resources

Log in first in order to use the menu on the right for a complete list of material presented here. Department, program, and school staff responsible for graduate admissions may find all of our staff-oriented resources on this site.

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Graduation and Commencement

These resources are designed to support staff in the graduation clearance and diploma processes.

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Links and Contacts

These contacts are intended for staff and faculty. Students are advised to see the Student Services Center for help.