Student Services Monthly Meetings

The Registrar's Office in cooperation with the Student Services Center and Student Financial Services holds monthly meetings during the academic year to keep student services officers and other department, program, and school administrators informed about developments, changes, deadlines, and other information. See the Email Distribution Lists page to subscribe to the "studadmin" mailing list for notifications of these meetings.

If you have an announcement or a suggested topic for the next or a future meeting, please use our handy web form.

Contact concerning any meeting details.

Meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month from October through May.

  • September 8, 2010
    • Academic Integrity Campaign: Morris Graves
    • Academic Curriculum: Thomas C. Black
    • Shadowing Program, Student Services Center: Katie Dooling and Johanna Infantine
    • New Federal Reporting Requirements: Paddy McGowan and Linda Regan
    • Emergency Evacuation Drill: Keith Perry
    • New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO): Ken Hsu and Anne Boswell
    • New Student Orientation (NSO): Koren Bakkegard
  • October 13, 2010
    • Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA): Mansoor Rahman, Student Services Center
    • Webforms and 25Live: Rosa Chappell, Registrar’s Office
    • ExploreCourses Administrative Interface: Stephen Arod Shirreffs, Registrar’s Office
  • November 10, 2010
    • EFS: Program Overview & Departmental Issues: Phil Hubbard & Tracey Riesen
    • Office of Accessible Education: Teri Adams & Shelley Hou
    • Academic Travel & Miscellaneous Student Support Payments: Ann George & Kelly Wright
    • Undeclared Junior Holds & Undergrad Declarations: Tifany Ferguson & Karen Hiramoto Lee
  • January 12, 2011
    • Introductory Seminars: Bob Jorgensen, Associate Director of Academic Administration; Marie Ochi-Jacobs, Intro Sems Course Administration; Emily Roberts, Faculty and Instructor Affairs Administrator
    • Admit--One School's Journey: Priscilla Fiden, School of Education
    • Annual Tuition Statement (1098T's): Mansoor Rahman, Manager of Regulatory Compliance and University Cashiering, SSC
    • NCAA Certification Enhancements: Reid Kallman, Office of the University Registrar
  • February 9, 2011
    • Tax Reporting Considerations for Students & Postdoctoral Scholars: Controller's Office)
    • I-Declare Week: UAR and The Sophomore Class Presidents
    • Going Mobile at Stanford: Tim Flood
  • March 9, 2011
    • The Resilience Project: Adina Glickman, Director, The Resilience Project
    • Visiting Researchers Changes Coming in Autumn 2011: Chris Golde, VPGE
    • Community Academic Profiles: Michael Halaas, School of Medicine
    • The Bulletin and Author-it: Stephen Arod Shirreffs, Registrar's Office
    • Institutional Research and Decision Support: Rana Glasgal, Associate Vice Provost, IR&DS
  • April 13, 2011
    • iDeclare Fair: Undergraduate Advising and Research and The Sophomore Class Presidents and Cabinet
    • Incompletes: Lourdes Andrade (UAR) and Reid Kallman (Registrar’s Office)
    • Student Bill Changes:  Kelly Takahashi (Student Services Center)
    • Online Photo Submission: Jay Kohn (ITS)
    • Safety Net: Johanna Infante (Student Services Center)
  • May 11, 2011
    • PostDocs: Alistair Murray, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
    • System Enhancements, Coming in July: Linda Regan, Office of the University Registrar
    • Using Web Services to Populate Course Information: Shilpa Thanawala,  Management Science and Engineering, Technology Ventures Program
    • ClassOwl: Julienne Lam and Gordon Dean, ClassOw
    • Cardinal Care Update for AY 2011-12: Dena Zlatunich, Student Services Center
    • New Federal Regulations on the Unit of Credit: Stephen Arod Shirreffs,  Registrar's Office
    • Course Tagging: Stephen Arod Shirreffs, Registrar's Office

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