These instructions are designed to assist you in completing the required elements of the Student Check-In. You must complete the six required elements before you will be able to enroll for classes for Spring Quarter.

You may follow the directions in the "Withhold Enrollment Privileges" hold in your Axess account to navigate to the Student Check-In: click to the Hold page, then click the "Details" button on the right side of the page to proceed to the Student Check-In.

Or you may follow the directions below to find the Student Check-In.

Finding the Student Check-In

Student Check-in is available in three locations for students. First, log in to Axess

1. You can find the Student Check-In as a quick link under the STUDENT mega menu

2. Or, in the Student Center, click on the "Hold":

Click on "Details" in the resulting display page:

3. Or, in the Student Center, scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the "Personal Information" area of the page. In the "Other Personal" dropdown list, select "Student Check-In".

Now click the double arrows to Go to the Student Check-In.

Now that you are in the Student Check-In, you must check in to each of the "Required" sections. You may also update the sections marked "Optional". See the following pages, or refer to the table of contents, for information concerning each of the required sections.