Undergraduates who want to take courses at another college or university and apply those courses toward their Stanford degree should follow the Stanford University transfer credit policies which state that work completed at another institution can be considered for credit if all of the following conditions are met:

  • it is completed at an accredited institution
  • it is substantially similar to Stanford courses
  • it is completed with a grade of C- or better
  • it does not duplicate, overlap, or regress previous work
  • the university or college offering the courses allows these courses to be used for credit towards its own undergraduate degree
  • cannot count towards secondary school diploma and/or graduation requirements.
  • no more than 45 (90 for transfer students) quarter units of credit for work done elsewhere may be counted toward a bachelor's degree at Stanford

A full statement of transfer credit policies is available in the Stanford Bulletin.

Transfer Credit FAQ's are available at Ask Jane. Type "Transfer Credit FAQ" in the Question window.