Current students and alumni with an active SUNETID can request an eTranscript via the iStanford “eDocuments” tile.

1.  Select the eDocuments tile.

edocuments tile 1


2.  Choose the Official Transcript option.

Choose Option 2


3.  Enter your SUNETID and password and click the "Login" button.

enter sunetid 2


4.  Choose the appropriate transcript type ("All Careers" is the stanford").

transcript type 2


5.  Enter the Recipient Name and Emaiil Address where you would like the eTranscript to be sent and click the "Continue" button.

add recipient 2


6.  Verify that you have entered the correct information and then click the "Submit Request" button.

submit request 2


7.  Your eTranscript should arrive at the indicated "Recipient Email" address within 15 minutes.


For More Information

You may contact the Office of the University Registrar at Stanford University if you have additional questions about requesting electronic transcripts or the authenticity of this document. Please direct these questions to