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Welcome To A New Year, And ResEd's New Website

Photograph of Dean Golder.  Here’s the thing. I love ResEd. What we are about. What we do. What we are striving to be. We are so many things simultaneously. An administrative body -- a collective of students, faculty, and staff -- the undergraduate student experience. Owned by one of us and owned by all of us at the same time. I love how we have opinions that are diametrically opposed. How we contradict ourselves. I love how the residences are the crossroads of the university. How every aspect of university life for undergrads can and most often does, intersect in our houses.

 And in my role – I get to see the whole glorious thing. How the contrasts collide. How communities build, or don’t. From the transactional to the transformational. I have the luxury of looking most broadly at this great endeavor called Residential Education.

 And this website, will hopefully afford others the ability to see the whole as well, no reason it should be just me! We worked to create a website that reflects us and our evolution – as a department and as a program. To capture the house and the broader department. The website strives to be simple and intuitive. Smart and accessible. We want to share good, current information – but also to reflect that at our core – we are about people. So we have sought to build a website that is also agile and dynamic. Relevant.

 We hope to continue to grow it and develop ways to tell our many stories. With that in mind, we hope you’ll poke around and explore – this website and Residential Education in all its iterations.

Welcome to the new year and welcome to our new website.

                                        ~Dean Deborah Golder