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Selection Overview

Welcome to the home of Selection 2014-15!

We encourage you to check back frequently over the next few weeks, as we will be adding important information as the process continues.

Photograph of 2012/2013 Staff Selection interview signage.Stanford’s undergraduate residences are a place of intellectual and interpersonal learning, and student appointments play an integral role in the learning process.

Please use the time between now and the application deadline to explore what it means to be appointed. We encourage you to attend ResCon on during the first week of the winter quarter, and speak to your current and past RFs, student and professional staff (your PAs or RDs, for example). Have fun exploring!

2014-15 Application timeline

Applications will open on Jan 6th, 2014. To apply simply go to our online application and follow the instructions provided. We have also posted links to the questions that will be required for all RA, Manager and Theme appointments if you would like to review them before starting your application.

We have also posted the supplemental applications required by individual house for their Theme Associate appointments. If you plan to apply to a theme appointment that has additional questions, please make sure to complete BOTH the general online application questions and the house specific application (Applicants interested in being RA for the Substance Free dorm should email their interest directly to the selection team after completing their online application).

Please note, that the general application questions document on this page IS NOT the actual application. You must complete the online application to apply.

Application Questions for 2014-15 RA, Manager & Theme Appointments

General Application Questions for all RA, Manager, & Theme Appointments
Branner Public Service Theme Associate
Casa Italiana LCATA
Casa Zapata ETA
Crothers Global Citizenship ATA
EAST Education and Society Theme ATA
Haus Mitteleuropa LCATA
Kimball Arts ATA
La Maison Francaise LCATA
Muwekma ETA
Okada ETA
Slavianskii Dom LCATA
Storey ATA
Ujamaa ETA

At-A-Glance Timeline:

Autumn Quarter Jan 6: Applications available
Winter Quarter

Jan 13th: ResCon 2014 (Paul Brest Hall)

Jan 14th: RowCon 2014 (Freidenrich Dining Hall)

Jan 16th: Applications Close for all House Staff Appointments

Jan 20 - 24: Internal Interview Process for RA/Manager/Theme and PHE

Jan 20 - 31: Internal Interview Process for RCC's
February 3rd: House Interviews Begin
Mar 21: Appointment Offer Notification
Mar 21: Appointment Offer Acceptance DUE

***The timeline for RCC & PHE positions is slightly different. Please make sure to check the information for specific appointments for more details.

ResCon 2014

Formerly called the RF/CD Fair, the Residential Education Convention, or ResCon, is for prospective student applicants to meet and engage with Resident Fellows and currently appointed members and learn more about individual houses.

ResCon will take place on Jan 13th from 7:30pm - 9pm in the Paul Brest Hall in Munger

RowCon 2014

New this year, RowCon, is for prospective student applicants to meet and engage with current Row house staff members and learn more about the individual Row houses.

RowCon will take place on Jan 14th from 8pm - 10pm at the Freidenrich Dining Hall located on the first floor of the Koret Pavilion at the Ziff Center

Changes to to Tutor Appointments for 2014

For more information about Resident Tutors or Resident Writing Tutors, please see the latest updates from VPUE