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Co-ops and Self-ops

Residents of co-ops and self-ops share the responsibilities of daily living within their communities. This may include cooking meals, cleaning, or other activities agreed upon by the co-op's members.

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Theme Houses

Each theme house has educational and social activities related to its theme, including in-house classes, film and lecture series, group discussions, drama productions, music recitals, and readings by noted authors. Themes fall into four categories; language and culture, ethnic,  academic and special programs.

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Traditional Residences

Most students on campus live in housing that is not themed, Greek, or a co-op. Traditional residences vary by room type, availability to particular classes, and other factors.

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Fraternity and Sorority Houses (FSL)

Stanford University is home to several nationally known greek organizations. While the university is host to both housed and unhoused organzations, all play a vital role in student life on campus and within the surrounding community.