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Location: West Campus (Map showing FroSoCo)

FroSoCo theme logo.The Freshman-Sophomore College provides the vibrant residential intellectual community of a small, elite, liberal-arts college while providing enhanced access to the academic resources of one of the world’s premier research universities. The College consists of approximately 100 freshmen and 60 sophomores living in two adjoining houses with rooms for freshmen and sophomores interspersed on all floors. Admission is by application only and once admitted, students can opt to stay for their sophomore year. We aim to bring together the most talented students at Stanford and then help them achieve a balance of academic preparation, personal exploration, cultural enrichment, and self-reflection at the highest level. They emerge with the critical self-understanding needed for the life-long project of designing a meaningful life, and are already connected to the resources at Stanford that can set them on the path towards being exceptional individuals and community leaders.

Part of what helps us achieve these goals is a fun community of students that share their extraordinary abilities and help each other develop, flourish and enjoy life. At the College, you will Photograph of FroSoCo exterior. live, study, and play with like-minded individuals who are academically driven, excited about the arts, give back to their community, play Frisbee in the Quad, build a trebuchet to apply their knowledge of physics, travel around the Bay Area and beyond to visit museums, attend plays, sporting events, concerts, and restaurants—all supported by the College and its extensive staff. Each house of the college has a senior staff or faculty couple, our College Directors, that live in attached residences; the College Dean lives across from the College. Along with the regular student staff, we have writing and subject tutors, a public speaking tutor, and a multimedia consultant.

In addition to the wide range of workshops and tutorials provided by our staff, our sophomores lead mini-seminars exclusively for our residents on a diverse array of subjects. The College has the resources to continuously bring in distinguished professors, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and artists to meet with the students and have dinner with them at the Dean’s residence.

In this dynamic, energetic, and fun atmosphere you will gain both the knowledge and skills, and the friends, mentors, advisors, and academic and professional relationships, you need to thrive at Stanford and beyond.

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Dean and "Deanness" of FroSoCo: Nadeem Hussain and Pauline Larmaraud

, Dean of Freshman-Sophomore College (FroSoCo) and Associate Professor of Philosophy, was recently appointed the Senior Associate Vice Provost of Residential Affairs where he will coordinate programming in undergraduate residences.

As Associate Professor of Philosophy, his research focuses on whether there really are any moral truths or facts and whether moral values, or just values in general, are compatible with science (and what to do if they are not).  He was born just outside Chicago, but grew up mostly in Pakistan with summers in the U.S. or Italy. Nadeem did his undergraduate degree at Stanford, originally planning to be a physicist, but eventually majored in the Symbolic Systems Program, an interdisciplinary major that focuses on computers and minds. Nonetheless, he remained part of a particle physics experiment thanks to Stanford's amazing opportunities for undergraduate research. After graduating in 1990, Nadeem went on to study philosophy at The University of Michigan and received his doctorate in 1999. He joined the faculty at Stanford in 2000. When there isn’t an important cricket match going on, Nadeem loves intense conversations about almost anything. He is a regular scuba diver, and enjoys playing squash or cricket and horse riding.

As the Dean, Nadeem has the immense pleasure of hosting some of our wonderful events including the "Dinner at the Deans" series. These dinners are great intellectual opportunities but also allow him to introduce you to people engaged in a wide range of interesting and important endeavors at Stanford, Silicon Valley and beyond. (He met his future mentor, the philosopher John Perry - who is still a professor at Stanford - through just such a dinner when he was a freshman.) He also hosts many of the large College welcoming events, FroSoCafes, and fun Friday BBQs at the Dean's residence. He'll be seeing you at the Dean's residence on many, many occasions and looks forward to getting to know you.


Pauline Larmaraud is the Assistant Director of the Office of International Affairs. As the Assistant Director of the Office of International Affairs, an office in the Vice Provost and Dean of Research division, Pauline supports the Director of the Office of International Affairs in administering the services and managing the processes that support international research and education at Stanford University. Pauline's primary responsibility is to manage the university's international visitor services which we provide to short-term international visitors who wish to come to Stanford University, mostly to exchange best practices with their counterparts. Typically, visitors are staff members or faculty members from universities around the world, government officials and foreign dignitaries. Pauline joined Stanford University in 2005 and ran the Office for International Visitors at the Bechtel International Center until the Office of International Affairs was created in 2011.

Pauline holds a Licence en Sciences Politiques from L'Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Lyon, France (three-year professional degree program in political science, law, economics and international relations) and a Maîtrise de Langues Etrangères Appliquées from Université Lumière Lyon II (four-year degree program in foreign languages for translation and interpretation applications). She spent a year as an Erasmus student in Bielefeld, Germany and very much enjoys traveling around the world and meeting people who bring new perspectives on things. She moved from France to California in 2002. Her favorite activities include traveling the world, scuba diving, hiking in the foothills nearby, horse riding, baking, and eating good food.

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Adams College Directors: LaCona Woltmon and

and , the College Directors for Adams house, joined the Farm in 2000 as undergraduates. They met in SLE freshman year, explored academic passions sophomore year, studied abroad in Paris junior year, and were College Assistants in FroSoCo senior year. After college both received master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University (SCU), while working full-time at Stanford.

LaCona enjoys traveling, hiking, knitting and curling up with a good book. She majored in International Relations, writing her thesis on Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness policy. LaCona pursues counseling professionally, focusing on couples. Feel free to talk to her about relationships.

Cisco enjoys trivia, martial arts, non-fiction and improvising music.  Cisco double-majored in Philosophy and Political Science and recently completed a second MA in Higher Education, also from SCU, with a focus on student development and the history of higher education.

Cisco and LaCona continue to find fulfillment in giving back to their alma mater as professional staff at Stanford. They look forward to an exciting year full of intellectual vitality and impromptu fun. The two of them are always up for lively discussions, playing board games, eating great food and sharing a laugh.

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Schiff College Directors: and Brown

and are College Directors for the Schiff house. They met while working on a research project at UCLA. Weeks after getting married in 2003, they joined the Stanford community.

Bryan is an associate professor in the School of Education. He joined Stanford after working as a professor of science education at Michigan State University. He earned a B.A. in Biology from Hampton University, M.A. in Educational Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Education from UC Santa Barbara. As a former high school science teacher, Bryan’s research is focused on improving science teaching and learning in urban communities.

Cheryl is the Associate Director for the Program of African and African American Studies. She joined Stanford in 2009 after working at Santa Clara University where she was a university advisor and ran a program for first generation college students. Cheryl earned her B.A. in African American Studies from UC Santa Barbara, two M.A. degrees (African American Studies and Education) and a Ph.D. in Higher Education and Organizational Change from UCLA.  Since being at Stanford, Cheryl has received two awards chosen by students on campus.  In 2011, Cheryl received the “Faculty/Staff Mentor Award” at the black community services center award ceremony.  In 2012, she received the “Teacher of the Year” award from the ASSU.

Bryan and Cheryl have two children, an eight-year-old son, Cameron, and a six-year-old daughter, Simone.

Among their personal interests Bryan and Cheryl would consider themselves pseudo foodies. They enjoy fine dining when they can. They also enjoy plays, concerts, movies and traveling. Bryan has great interest in sports and has played basketball, baseball, and football. He has also coached high school baseball and more recently T-ball. He enjoys watching most sports. Cheryl is growing to appreciate sports. She played softball in high school but took up running as a passion in college, a passion she hopes to get back to soon.

They have both served as mentors to high school and college students at their church and through various non-profits (Young Black Scholars and EtuSchule Educational Project). They truly enjoy spending time with students and supporting them as they grow. Although they hope to support students in this way on a daily basis, they also are excited about exposing students to the things they enjoy such as the arts, education, and sports.

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First FroSoCo house meeting of the 2013-14 academic year.Community Information

Residence Type: Dorm; Freshman/Sophomore

House Size: 180 residents

Room types:

  • Singles
  • Two Room Doubles
  • One Room Doubles
  • One Room Triples

Requirements to Qualify for Pre-Assignment

Tier Requirement

Pre-assignment to FroSoCo will REQUIRE the use of a TIER THREE housing choice.

Requirements to Qualify for Pre-Assignment

Pre-assignment to FroSoCo will be considered for students who fulfill ANY of the following conditions:

1. A current freshman who is returning to FroSoCo for his/her Sophomore Year.

  • Current FroSoCo frosh residents are unconditionally guaranteed a space should they choose to stay in FroSoCo

2. An incoming sophomore being sponsored by a current FroSoCo freshman who is returning to FroSoCo for his/her Sophomore Year.

  • FroSoCo staff during 2013-14 NSO.Current non-FroSoCo freshmen choosing to be pre-assigned to FroSoCo by being sponsored are required to answer one small essay question, outlining the reasons for why they wish to live in FroSoCo.
  • Current FroSoCo freshmen sponsoring other current freshmen may, but are not obligated to, room with the person they sponsor.

3. An incoming sophomore who has a special interest in being a part of the FroSoCo community.

  • Current non-FroSoCo non-sponsored freshmen who wish to be pre-assigned to FroSoCo are required to answer two short essay questions, outlining the reasons for why they wish to live in FroSoCo

House Staff

  • 8 College Associates
  • 2 Resident Computer Consultants
  • 1 Resident Oral Communications  Tutor
  • 1 Residential Multimedia Coordinator

More Information

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