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2014-15 Preassignment Poster Icon.Residential Education's essential conviction is that formal teaching, informal learning, and personal support are integral to a Stanford education. ResEd programs extend the classroom into the residences and complement the academic curriculum with activities and experiences supporting students' preparation for a life of leadership, intellectual engagement, citizenship, and service.

Toward that end, ResEd supports theme houses on campus. Each house is responsible for crafting & managing an integrated residential learning experience for its residents. Theme houses enjoy a long history on campus, many coming into fruition concurrently with ResEd itself.

Activities in theme houses, whether academic or social, are related to that house's theme. Themes vary widely. Some are related to a cultural interest or affinity. Others are related to academic and career interests. Themed houses on campus are differentiated by the degree of sponsorship they garner from third parties & the affiliation of those third parties with the university at large.

The deadline for the 2015-16 Academic Year will be announced in Winter Quarter.

There are four types of theme houses:


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