This learning unit covers adding a child page to a book.

For more information about books and child pages, see Terms: book, child page, parent page, and book outline.

To add a child page to an existing page in a book:

[image: book page with add child page link circled]

  1. Navigate to the page you want to add a child page to.
  2. Click the Add child page link.
  3. This will create a new Basic page. See Add a new Basic page (node) for information about filling out the Create Basic Page form.
  4. The Book outline section (Power Contributors and above, only) of the Create Basic Page form should not need editing: using the Add child page link pre-populates it with the appropriate settings for a child page of the relevant parent page.

[image: Book outline section of Create Basic Page form]

    Only Power Contributors and above can edit a book's outline. Contributors can add a child page but cannot adjust what order it appears in in the book.

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