This learning unit addresses editing the Alternate location field for a Stanford News Entry.

Sometimes you want an article listed in a Stanford News Entry List (view) to point either to a permanent page elsewhere in the Student Affairs site or else to an external web page, rather than to the individual Stanford News Entry page (node) displaying the Full Story field.

To do this, enter a URL into the Alternate location field.

Highlights Alternate Location box

  • To link to an internal (Student Affairs) page, type an internal absolute path into the Alternate location field. That is, a path without (or, etc.) but with a leading forward slash (/). For example, /haas/abbyconover
  • To link to an external page, type a full URL (including http://) into the Alternate location field

Save button at bottom of Create News page

Remember! Any changes made in the Edit tab of a page will not be saved until the Save button (at the bottom of the page) is clicked.

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