This learning unit will cover how to copy and paste formatted text into a text field as plain text using the rich-text editor.

The rich-text editor allows you to copy and paste formatted (or unformatted) text —such as from Word— as plain text, without any formatting (such as font size, bold, italic, and so on).

To copy and paste formatted text as plain text:

  1. In Word or another program, copy the text you want to paste as plain text.
  2. In your browser, while editing with the rich-text editor enabled, place the cursor in the text field at the point where you want to paste the plain text.

  3. Click the Paste as Plain Text button. This button has an icon that looks like a clipboard with a document with a blue notepad superimposed over it. The button name also pops up when the pointer hovers over it.

    [Image: toolbar with the Paste formatted Text button highlighted]
  4. [Image: Paste as Plain Text dialog box]In the Paste as Plain Text window, click in the text window, then paste (CTRL+V in Windows, Command-V in Mac OS, or use the appropriate browser menu command).
  5. Click the OK button.
  6. The text is now in the text field, without formatting. Continue editing as usual.

Remember! Any changes made in the Edit tab of a page will not be saved until the Save button (at the bottom of the page) is clicked.

Save button at bottom of Edit page

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