University policies govern all fundraising activities for cash, goods or services done by departments and student groups directed to off-campus entities including local businesses, corporations, foundations or individuals.  Off-campus fundraising activities by any Stanford entity including student organizations is restricted and in most cases requires prior University approval from the Office of Development.

Before seeking off-campus funding, you are expected to exhaust on-campus sources. On-campus fundraising is easier, faster, and engages the University community.


  • To coordinate all fundraising activities done in the name of Stanford.
  • To maintain good long-term stewardship of Stanford donors.
  • Most student programs can adequately be funded by on-campus sources, efforts that usually take less time than off-campus ones.

Fundraising Overview

Below are the allowable funding amounts per year and the required approval process for each type of off-campus funding source.

Funding Souce Notes Max Yearly Amount Approval
Local Businesses
  • Donations from a locally owned or franchised business.  Examples includes Mike’s Bikes, Hobee’s or Town and Country’s Jamba Juice (local corporations, e.g. Google excluded).
  • University receipts cannot be provided.
  • Monies to be directly deposited into your ASSU account.
  • Typically the easiest and quickest way to raise funds from off-campus.
 $ 2,000 None needed.
  • One $2,500 donation per corporation, per year.
  • Request to be submitted to SAL for review of program plan, then to Development for review and approval of donor.
  • 2-4 weeks required for review and approval.
  • All checks deposited to Development.  Transfers from Development are done monthly and usually take 6 weeks to be transferred to your account once approval is given.
 $ 2,500

Approval required prior to any contact.

Approval Request Process

Parent Organizations
  • Groups that are chapters of national organizations or religious groups affiliated with a local church may receive donations directly.
 $ 2,500 None needed.
  • Most foundations are reserved for key academic programs and cannot be approved.
 -- Only in rare cases.
Individuals (parents, alumni, friends & current students)
  • The Office of Development restricts most access to alumni and friends although the Stanford Fund Partnership does provide  $ 500,000 per year to student groups from alumni fundraising.  Remember, we don't want individual students using their own money to fund events.  Instead seek advice from SAL.
 -- Only in rare cases.


Your student group must:

  • Be a currently recognized student group in good standing with the University.
  • Have a successful history at Stanford, including sound financial management.
  • Be capable of successfully executing the fundraising effort by demonstrating good pre-planning, organization and adequate lead-time prior to planned event or activity.
  • Have previously exhausted funding from on-campus sources.
  • Have refrained from approaching possible sources until University approval has been approved.

Note: Newly recognized groups are not permitted to raise more than $5,000

The proposed activity must:

  • Be student-led and represent the initiative of students acting independently of off-campus agencies.
  • Follow event planning policies and all other requirements of student activities.
  • Have a detailed, realistic and frugal budget with estimates of all income and expense projections.

The fundraising effort must:

  • Be targeted toward individuals and corporations related to the group or activity.
  • Have a specific and reasonable timeline.
  • Include a contingency plan, should efforts not be as successful as expected.
  • Be approved by SAL, if applicable.

More Information

To apply for off-campus fundraising through SAL, please review the off-campus approval process page.

For more fundraising information and tips if you are seeking large amounts, review the fundraising tips page.

If you have questions, please contact your group's SAL advisor.