INSTALLMENT PAYMENT PLAN - Now available for 2014-15!

About the Installment Payment Plan

The Installment Payment Plan (IPP) offers undergraduate students the option to spread payments of large University fees (estimated by Tuition, Room and Board) over three monthly installments per term (term fees remain due by the 15th of the month prior to the start of term). The IPP period is July through March for each academic year. The IPP is designed as a budgeting resource for students and families; it provides the option to make payments on a monthly basis instead of making large outlays quarterly. The plan is completely managed and executed by the student; if installment payments are not made as scheduled in the IPP, the University applies no penalty or other consequence as this is a budgeting tool only.

Eligibility and Terms

The IPP is available to matriculated undergraduate students for Autumn, Winter, and Spring terms beginning with Autumn 2014. No enrollment fee applies to the IPP and installment payments scheduled are not enforced by the University.

Installment payments are scheduled on the 15th of the month (July through March), and can be paid by the student or any Authorized Payer the student has set up in Stanford ePay. The standard payment due dates are unchanged for students enrolled in the IPP; that is, all term fees are due by the 15th of the month prior to the start of the term for undergraduate students (Sep 15, Dec 15, Mar 15).

The University charges no finance, interest, or enrollment fees for the IPP.

Enrolling in the Installment Payment Plan

Matriculated undergraduate students may enroll in the Installment Payment Plan for Autumn, Winter, and/or Spring via Axess. In the Finances Section, ‘Enroll in the Installment Payment Plan’ is available in the drop down menu. Students may enroll for any number of terms within the academic year. Enrollment deadlines follow:


IPP Enrollment Deadline


July 15


Oct 15


Jan 15



The enrollment page in Axess will present the student’s estimated Tuition and Room and Board charges for each term and will subtract any anticipated financial aid in order to estimate the balance of fees to be paid.  Students can modify any of these figures as desired and click the Calculate button to display the estimated installment payments for that term.  Email reminders for the installment payments scheduled will be sent to the student’s email address around the 10th of the month.  Students may enter one additional email address to which the reminder emails will also be sent. Once all information is entered and the estimates are calculated to the student’s satisfaction, the student should click ‘I agree’ to enroll in the IPP. Enrollment in the IPP will be confirmed in a pop up message.

Changing or Cancelling the Installment Payment Plan

Once enrolled in the IPP, the student may edit the plan as often as desired until the enrollment deadline for the applicable term. If a student decides not to make the scheduled installment payments, the student can simply ignore the payment schedule and make a lump sum payment on the quarterly due date; cancellation of the plan is not necessary since installment payments are not enforced. 

Making Installment Payments

Students and any Authorized Payers the student has set up may make payments under the Installment Payment Plan via Stanford ePay. Installment payments will be accepted beginning July 1, October 1 and January 1 for Autumn, Winter, and Spring terms, respectively. Beginning these dates, students enrolled in the IPP and their authorized payers will see two payment options in Stanford ePay – University Bill (for payments to charges displayed on the University bill) and Installment Payment (for payments to expected charges for the upcoming term). To make a payment under the IPP, choose the Installment Payment option and follow the prompts. (Please note that Installment Payments cannot be set up as 'Autopayments' in Stanford ePay as Autopayments can only be set up to pay charges already billed.)

Typically, payers will make two monthly Installment Payments on the 15thof each month and a final University Bill payment on or prior to the payment due date for the term. However, payers can make as many Installment Payments as desired until the payments are applied to the bill for the applicable term.

Installment Payments are accepted for one term at a time as follows:


1st Installment

2nd Installment

University bill due


July 15

August 15

September 15


October 15

November 15

December 15


January 15

February 15

March 15



Note: Installment Payments made will display in the section titled ‘Your Recent Payments’ in Stanford ePay. However, Installment Payments made will not display on the University bill until the first bill of each term when the payments are applied. Once applied to the University bill, Installment Payments made will pay the oldest charges due regardless of the fees estimated on the IPP enrollment page.


Students or Authorized Payers with questions about the Installment Payment Plan may contact the Student Services Center.