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How Payroll Deduction Works

Payroll deduction is a means for Graduate Student Research Assistants (RA) and Teaching Assistants (TA) to deduct a portion of their bi-monthly salaries for the purpose of paying tuition and fees. This allows graduate students to pay their University bill over several payments rather than in one lump sum. (Payroll Deduction is not available to students on Fellowships because Fellowship checks are issued once per quarter.) Graduate students may choose to enroll in payroll deduction for one full academic year at a time or for one quarter at a time.

Students may select from four categories of charges to be paid via payroll deduction:

  • Tuition only
  • Housing Only
  • Housing and Fees
  • Pay All charges

Note: For most RAs and TAs, we recommend opting for ‘Housing and Fees’ as Tuition may be covered by a Tuition Allowance.

For a list of fees included in each category, see Resources: Student Fees Payable via Payroll Deduction.

Only the student employee can authorize payroll deduction set-up by submitting an online request via Axess. Reference Quick Steps: Make Tuition / Other Fee Payments by Enrolling in Payroll Deduction. Online requests are sent to Student Financial Services for review and approval to ensure that students meet eligibility requirements.

Note:  Students may owe a remaining balance after the Payroll Deduction contract ends if

  • their salary is less than the payroll deduction payment amounts
  • their department sets up their salary after the first scheduled payroll deduction
  • their department set up their salary on an ‘alternative calendar’ (which doesn’t match the payroll deduction periods)
  • additional charges were posted to the student account after the Payroll Deduction plan was set up by Student Financial Services.

If any charges are added to your bill after your payroll deduction is set up by Student Financial Services, you are responsible for paying the amounts when due. Similarly, if a balance remains on the student account after the payroll deduction period has ended, you are responsible for paying any unpaid balance immediately. These charges cannot be moved to the next term and are subject to late fees and holds per University policy. For assistance in calculating the remaining balance, submit a HelpSU ticket to the Student Services Center.

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Enrollment Deadlines

The deadlines for students to enroll in payroll deduction are stated below. We recommend that students enroll as early as possible once their TA or RA payroll is approved.

Quarter Enrollment Deadline
Autumn October 15
Winter January 15
Spring April 15
Summer July 15

The Payroll Deduction contract will not be activated until the Payroll Deduction Deadline to Enroll for the applicable quarter stated above. Until the contract is activated, your Payroll Deduction Plan status in Axess will indicate "Requested".

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Payroll Deduction Eligibility

To be eligible, Graduate students must

  • be appointed to a Research Assistantship (RA) or Teaching Assistantship (TA) position during the current academic year that has been fully approved by the department..
  • have a minimum balance due on their University bill of $500 for the quarter.
  • enroll in payroll deduction BEFORE the enrollment deadline date listed above to avoid late payment fees.

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