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What Is the StanfordCardPlan?

The StanfordCardPlan (SCP) allows students to charge up to $1,000 per quarter at the Stanford Bookstore and other on-campus locations. The charges are added directly to the students' University bill. The SCP accommodates the needs of students who often must purchase books and other necessities early in the quarter before their financial aid is available. In order to participate in the StanfordCardPlan, students need to sign up in Axess. See How Do Students Sign Up for the StanfordCardPlan?

StanfordCardPlan enrollment is available for the Autumn, Winter, and Spring terms only. But, students who enroll in the SCP for Spring will be able to utilize the $1,000 limit through the Spring and Summer terms. Students must be actively enrolled and have no financial holds on their account in order to be eligible to sign up for the SCP. Students need only sign up once for the SCP unless they become ineligible at which time the SCP will be deactivated. See the full text of the Terms and Conditions.

The StanfordCardPlan for faculty and staff is changed to a copy- and print-only debit plan. Faculty and staff may deposit funds to the plan via cash-to-card machines. For convenient dining options, we encourage faculty and staff to consider the Cardinal Dollars program, administered by Stanford Dining. Cardinal Dollars offers excellent options and money-saving plans for dining on campus using your Stanford ID card.

NOTE: Currently, the only payment method accepted by Stanford residential printers is the SCP. Students wishing to print in their Stanford residence should sign up for the SCP and/or plan their printing and copying needs for each quarter accordingly.

Copy cards may be purchased and used for printing and copying at various locations on campus. Please see IT Services: CampusCard Services web site for a listing of locations and additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Students Sign Up for the StanfordCardPlan?

Students may sign up for the StanfordCardPlan via Axess, under the Student Center tab, Finances section. Choose StanfordCardPlan from the drop down menu and follow the prompts. Students must confirm their agreement to the Terms and Conditions of the StanfordCardPlan in order to participate. View full text of the Terms and Conditions of the StanfordCardPlan.

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Can I Use the StanfordCardPlan throughout the Year?

No. The StanfordCardPlan enrollment is available for Autumn, Winter, and Spring terms only. But, students who enroll in the StanfordCardPlan for Spring will be able to utilize the $1,000 limit through the Spring and Summer terms.

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How Do I Add Money to My StanfordCardPlan?

Deposits are not accepted on the student StanfordCardPlan.

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What If I Want to Sign Up for a Limit of Less Than $1,000?

The StanfordCardPlan provides a quarterly purchase limit of $1,000. Students may not sign up for more or less than $1,000. However, students who sign up may utilize any amount between $0 and $1,000 each period.

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What Do I Do If I Run Out of Money on My StanfordCardPlan?

Students are expected to manage the funds provided via the StanfordCardPlan so that they have sufficient funds available for education-related expenses as needed. For instance, we recommend that students maintain a small available balance on their StanfordCardPlan until the end of the quarter so that incidental expenses such as copies can be covered. The ability to deposit additional funds onto the StanfordCardPlan is not available. If a student has an emergency need for cash, they may contact the Student Services Center to explore available options.

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When is the StanfordCardPlan availability refreshed back to $1,000 each quarter?

The StanfordCardPlan quarterly purchase limit is refreshed to $1,000 on September 12, 2014, December 12, 2014 and March 27, 2015.

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How Can Parents Provide Extra Funds to Their Student If Desired?

Services outside of Stanford University are available which allow parents to provide a debit card to their student. Search the Internet for prepaid debit card.

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How Soon After Enrollment Will the StanfordCardPlan Funds Be Available?

If students complete the enrollment process for the StanfordCardPlan between 6AM and 12AM, they will be notified of their StanfordCardPlan activation or ineligibility within 2 hours. If enrollment in the StanfordCardPlan is completed between 12AM and 6AM, students will be notified by 8AM.

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Can I Enroll in the StanfordCardPlan at Any Time during the Quarter?

Students may enroll in the StanfordCardPlan beginning September 12 for the Autumn quarter. Thereafter, students may enroll in the SCP at any time prior to the Summer quarter. The StanfordCardPlan is not available in the summer quarter. See Can I Use the StanfordCardPlan throughout the Year?

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When Does My StanfordCardPlan Expire?

Once enrolled in the StanfordCardPlan, it remains active until the student becomes ineligible (becomes an inactive student or has a financial hold on their account).

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Where Can the StanfordCardPlan Be Used?

Locations accepting StanfordCardPlan as a payment method include:

  • Stanford Bookstore
  • Copy machines and printers in libraries and computing labs
  • Printers in residences and other computing labs
  • Arbuckle Café at GSB
  • CoHo (Coffee House)
  • Jamba Juice
  • Sports Cafe
  • Treehouse
  • Tresidder Express
  • Most Stanford Dining-operated locations:
    • Branner
    • Florence Moore
    • Lakeside
    • Late Night Lag
    • Manzanita
    • Ricker
    • Stern
    • Cyber Café
    • Wilbur
    • EZone @ Wilbur
    • Alumni Café
    • Axe and Palm Café
    • Fraiche Yogurt
    • Olives
    • Peets
    • Subway
    • Tresidder Union Square

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How Do Faculty and Staff Activate the Copy- and Print-only Plan?

The copy and print plan is activated with an initial deposit made via a cash-to-card machine.

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Need Assistance?

Please contact the Student Services Center.

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