Who does this? Graduate student Research Assistants (RA) and Teaching Assistants (TA)

When? Graduate student RA/TA's choose to deduct a portion of their bi-weekly salaries to pay tuition and fees

How? By enrolling in Payroll Deduction online via the Student Axess web site

Make Tuition / Other Fee Payments by Enrolling in Payroll Deduction (3 steps)

Step 1

Launch Stanford's Student Axess web site:

  1. Click https://axess.stanford.edu.
  2. Click Login button in Personal Login section.
  3. Enter your SUNet ID and password as prompted.

Step 2

Open the Payroll Deduction Sign Up form:

  1. Click STUDENT from the mega menu on top to open the Student Services Center.
  2. Click Sign Up for Payroll Deduction from drop down menu in the Finances section.

Step 3

Complete the Payroll Deduction Sign Up form:

Note: For a list of fees included in each category, see Resources: Student Fees Payable via Payroll Deduction.

  1. In Section 1, select the term(s) you wish to have your payroll deduction take effect. For each term that is checked, deductions will be taken from your paycheck.
  2. In Section 2, choose one of the four fee categories of student fees to be covered by payroll deduction:
    • Housing and fees
    • Housing only
    • Tuition only
    • Pay all charges

Note: For most RAs and TAs, we recommend opting for ‘Housing and Fees’ as Tuition may be covered by a Tuition Allowance.

  1. In Section 3, read carefully the terms and conditions, and then click I agree with the above terms and conditions.
  2. Fill in your name under signature and click Sign Up.

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What Happens Next?

  • Your request to enroll in Payroll Deduction will be sent to Student Financial Services for review and approval.
  • Note: The Payroll Deduction contract will not be activated until the Payroll Deduction Deadline to Enroll for the applicable quarter. Until the contract is activated, your Payroll Deduction Plan status in Axess will indicate "Requested".
  • To check the status of your request, logon to Axess per steps one and two of this Quick Step. Following is an explanation of each status:
    • Requested – This means that the student request is submitted and is under review by Student Financial Services.
    • Set Up – This means that Student Financial Services has determined that all your eligibility criteria ARE met. The next paycheck will show a deduction. You will be able to see the amount that was deducted on the University bill and on the paycheck advice stub.
    • Not Set Up – This means that Student Financial Services has determined that all your eligibility criteria ARE NOT met. Your request was denied.
    • Cancelled – Payroll deduction has been cancelled at the student’s request, or as the result of the end of the payroll deduction period.
  • Please note: If your payroll deduction is more than your net salary, you are responsible for paying the difference each pay period or as a lump sum on the payment due date. For assistance in calculating the difference, please submit a HelpSU ticket to the Student Services Center.


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