A variety of methods are available for students to pay their University bill. Stanford's standard method of payment is eCheck via Stanford ePay, the University's online billing and payment service, as it is the fastest, most secure and convenient way for students or authorized payers to make payment to student accounts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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eCheck via Stanford ePay

Students and Authorized Payers can pay via a U.S. bank account or pay in foreign currency using Stanford ePay.  Stanford ePay is a convenient way to pay online 24/7 and is the fastest and most secure way to make payment.

International Funds Transfer (IFT) via Stanford ePay

International students wishing to pay in foreign currencies are encouraged to use our International Funds Transfer (IFT) option within Stanford ePay. This allows students to arrange for payment in foreign currencies via Western Union. IFT is an electronic option offering students favorable exchange rates and eliminating bank fees typically charged for wire transfers. For more information, please see International Funds Transfer or watch the video below.


The benefits of IFT to students and Authorized Payers include:

  • competitive exchange rates
  • less expensive option compared to wires
  • payment posts automatically to the student account, eliminating the manual handling required to post wire transfers.

Note: The IFT reference number included in the payment instructions must be included in the transfer from your bank in order to be credited to your student account.

For commonly-asked-questions, search 'pay with foreign currencies' in askJane!

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Financial Aid and Student Permissions

In most cases, financial aid is automatically applied to certain charges on the University bill. Students can authorize Student Financial Services to apply their financial aid funds to ALL charges, within the quarter, on their University bill via a feature in Axess call "Student Permissions." This prevents students from receiving a refund on their financial aid when they still have a balance due on their student account in the quarter. "Student Permissions" may be applied to all types of federal, state, institutional and outside financial aid disbursements, with one exception: Federal Parent PLUS Loans.

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Checks via Mail and Walk-in

If online payment is impossible, students may mail or deliver payment to the Student Services Center. The mailing address for payments made by check is:

Stanford University Cashier's Office
Tresidder Memorial Union, 2nd floor
459 Lagunita Drive, Suite 7
Stanford, CA 94305

Checks must be drawn in U.S. funds payable through U.S. banks and must not be post-dated. The student's name and Stanford University identification number should be noted on the check.

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Wire Transfer

We strongly recommend that students and Authorized Payers use the 'Pay with foreign currency' option within Stanford ePay instead of a wire transfer (see 'International Funds Transfer' above). If a wire is the only option, the University accepts payment to student accounts via direct wire service. Include the student name and student ID number in the wire instructions and direct wired funds to:

Wells Fargo Bank

Corporate Banking Division
Attention: Banking Services Officer for Stanford University
San Francisco, Main Office, 420 Montgomery Street

Our bank account number is: 4944-863596
Our bank ABA number is: 121-000-248
Our BIC or SWIFT code is: WFBIUS6S

Note:  IBAN is a European bank account numbering convention that is not used for U.S. bank accounts. Please use the BIC or Swift code when an IBAN is requested.

Important:  Include the student name and the Stanford University identification number in the wire instructions. Note that your bank will typically charge a service fee to initiate the wire transfer as will any intermediary banks that assist with the wire transfer.

If the wire transfer is not posted to the student account in five business days, submit a HelpSU ticket (Select Request Category: Student Services, Request Type: Cashier's Office) to the University Cashier's Office with details of the wire instructions.

If you have any questions about this procedure, contact Student Services Center at 650-723-7772 between 8 AM and 5 PM, Pacific Daylight Time weekdays.

For sponsors who have signed Third Party Contract (TPC) with Stanford University and received an itemized invoice, please submit payment using the TPC wire transfer instructions available at http://studentaffairs.stanford.edu/sfs/bill/overviews-third-party#tpc

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