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Calculate charges due to be paid when financial aid is expected to be applied to the University bill

For:  Students approved for financial aid, and their authorized payers

Scholarships, grants and loans are processed and applied to the approved student's account as follows:

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Student Financial Aid Is Approved

Students receive an award letter from the Financial Aid Office which specifies the amount of aid as well as the expected family contribution. Award information can be viewed on the Axess web site. For more detail go to the Financial Aid web site.

The Financial Aid Office enters the anticipated aid amount in the student account.

The financial aid amount appears on the University bill as "Anticipated Aid."

Note —  Prior to paying the University bill, students and Authorized Payers should check the "Anticipated Aid" section of the bill to confirm that the expected aid amount has been recorded. Any amount shown as "Anticipated Aid" should be subtracted from the charges due in order to determine the correct amount to pay. If an overpayment occurs, the amount overpaid will be refunded, but not until one week after the start of classes. In addition, in most cases the refund will be mailed to the student or electronically deposited to the student's checking or savings account. Parents may receive refunds only if the overpayment is from a federal Parent (PLUS) loan.

If the amount of expected aid does not appear on your initial bill statement, it may be because the loan documents have not been completed or the Financial Aid Office has not received notification from an outside award source. To reconcile discrepancies, contact the Financial Aid Office.

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Student Satisfies Requirements for Aid Disbursement

A student satisfies requirements for aid disbursement by enrolling in the required number of course units:

  • For undergraduate students
    • Scholarships and Grants – 12 or more units
    • Loans – 8 or more units
  • For graduate students
    • Scholarships and Grants – 8 or more units
    • Loans – 6 or more units

Note —  Aid will not be applied to the bill until the student has enrolled in the required number of units.

A student satisfies requirements for loan disbursement by completing all required loan documents.

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Student Financial Aid Is Applied to University Bill

Approximately 10 days before classes begin each term, anticipated aid is disbursed. When this happens, the amount of disbursed aid is deducted from the "Anticipated Aid" section of the University bill and applied to the University bill in the "Payments, Disbursed Aid and Other" section.

Note —  Some charges, such as late fees or room damage fees, may not be paid by financial aid. Such charges are not considered part of educational expenses.

Some scholarships, such as the Byrd Scholarship, typically arrive after the start of the term; in some cases, four to six weeks after classes start. If you are paying the bill, you should see this amount as "Anticipated Aid" and may deduct the amount from payment.


  • If you have questions concerning what to pay or about the accuracy of the bill, please contact the Student Services Center.

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