Conference Schedule

Saturday, April 29, 2006 | Tresidder Memorial Union

9:00am: Registration & Breakfast (Oak West)

9:30am: Opening Session – (Oak West) Kathy Levinson, B.A. Economics '77

10:00am: Educational Session I

11:00am: Educational Session II

12:00pm: Networking Luncheon (Oak West)

12:30pm: Keynote Speaker – (Oak West) Miriam Rivera
A.B. Sociology '86, A.M. Spanish '89, JD/MBA '95, Google Inc.

1:30pm: Educational Session III

2:30pm: Alumnae Panel – (Oak West) Facilitated by Mia Lee, ‘06

3:30pm: Closing Reception – (Oak Lounge) featuring WVSO networking

Educational Session I (10:00am)

The Ecological Model of Women’s Development: Celebrating Diverse Career and Personal Pathways

Shannon Casey-Cannon, Ph.D Counseling Psychology ’01, Assistant Professor, California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University

Oak East

An innovative way to improve our status as women both in the workforce and at home is through the use of the ecological model of women’s career development. The ecological model shifts the perspective of what defines a woman’s success from an individual person-centered focus (e.g., owning a business) to include collectivist community-centered pursuits (e.g., work that maximizes time with children). This session invites you to consider how you define success and advocates for redefining women’s successes to include multiple layers of individual and collective influence.

The Tao of Personal Leadership

Joanna Iwata, Dean of Student Life at Mills College

Cypress Room South

In our quest for excellence as women and as leaders, we are required to balance the yin of inner leadership with the yang of leadership in action. This interactive session will discuss strategies to redefine our success as it revolves around examining our own values and beliefs, networking, and building stronger coalitions. Participants will design their own personal and leadership action plans as wo-mentors to each other. Concepts will be drawn from Sally Helgeson (The Female Advantage) and Diane Dreher (The Tao of Personal Leadership).

Buried Treasure: Uncover the Explorer in You!

Karilee Wirthlin, Managing Principal at KL Consulting and President of Women in Consulting Julie Merrill, President of Change Catalysts and Director of Partnerships for Women in Consulting

Cypress Room North

Our definitions of, and paths to, success are as diverse as our talents. Yet, women often hesitate to journey the road less traveled or risk changing direction for new explorations. Successful business owners who have explored new territories and reveled in their discoveries will share their joys and roadblocks, encourage the next explorers, and answer your questions.