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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

 Convocation, DEI. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Measuring Our Progress

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We would like to congratulate the 5,577 of you who completed the housing assignment process! Here are initial data we’re tracking to understand the impact and effectiveness of the neighborhoods.

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Overall data

  • Changing neighborhoods:  2% of students who applied for housing this year applied to switch neighborhoods.  All requests were approved.
  • Resident Assistants & Ethnic Theme Associates:  Over 600 upperclass students applied to staff this year! 
  • Where students are living:
    • The Row continues to house primarily juniors and up, with 86% of students assigned to the Row next year being juniors and up, an increase from 75% prior to the implementation of the neighborhoods model.
    • The same is true for apartments, with 71% of apartment residents being juniors and up.  
    • This shift means we are making progress toward the neighborhoods goal of a highly scaffolded experience, with frosh and sophomores in houses with resident fellows, and increasing independence starting in the junior year. 
 Families walking by Lasuen Mall. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /
 New undergraduate students – first-year and transfers – await the start of the 131st Opening Convocation Ceremony at Frost Amphitheater. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /
Accent line featuring neighborhood colors in a gradient

University Theme Housing Data

In the neighborhood model, we aim to preserve the opportunity for choice and exploration during a student’s time at Stanford by offering theme housing. Our University Theme Houses are open to all students across the neighborhoods. The data below reflects student assignments in UTHs, measured in terms of preassignment to these houses for the 2022-2023 academic year.

  • UTH: Ethnic Theme Dorms: filled 100% occupancy for upperclass students
  • UTH: Special Interest: Coops: filled 100% occupancy for upperclass students
  • UTH: Academic (UTH-As): UTH-As have a 50% occupancy requirement for this year that will build to a 100% occupancy requirement by 2025-2026.  
    • Seven of the nine houses met the requirement.  
    • Of the two houses that did not, Equity, Access, and Society  (EAST) made the decision to be discontinued this year, At Home Abroad will be a theme house for 2022-2023 and then will be discontinued as a UTH-A. 
Students living in Junipero House arrive at Frost Amphitheater for the 131st Opening Convocation Ceremony. Credit: Andrew Brodhead /

Collecting Your Feedback

Thank you for sharing your feedback and experiences with us! This information will help us improve our residential campus for you and future Stanford students.