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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Health & Well-Being

Academic Year 2021-22 Collage

Neighborhood Events

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Check out the many events organized by neighborhoods. This year, our community councils began the process of creating traditions for each neighborhood. Here’s what they’ve done.

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2021-22 Academic Year Video

A video slide show of photos from community events that happened this past academic year. 
Students at Farm Day.
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The community councils will have access to funding, including funding for late night and weekend programs and initiatives.  In addition, we are in the process of fundraising for a robust programming endowment to support residential programming.  

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Social Life Accelerator Task Force

Stanford’s long been known for its fun, irreverent, whimsical social scene. Yet it just hasn’t felt as vibrant as it could be. Now, a group of alumni, students, staff and families are getting together to accelerate undergrad social life on The Farm.