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COVID-19 Guidance for Students

Banner image featuring Flag bearers lined the Stanford streets as the procession went by. Photo Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Fall Preparations

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Exterior photograph of Crothers Hall with Hoover in the distance.

As we get ready for fall, we are committed to working with students to create opportunities for community and connection on campus. The ResX Neighborhoods will be a foundational component, but we are also working on so much more!

For our rising sophomores, check out all of the details of our planning here

Some highlights include:

For our rising juniors, below are some of the ideas we are working to bring to life!

  • Hosting weekly neighborhood junior gathering  events (“Junior Nights”) open to all juniors, but rotating through each of the eight S-T-A-N-F-O-R-D neighborhoods through the fall quarter. 
  • Having each neighborhood host one major event program in the year that is open to all juniors. As opposed to Junior Nights these events are large and programmatic, such as a carnival, international food festival, ski trip, pool party, trip to SF, a trip to the movies, etc.
  • Hosting 1-3 day weekend retreats for interested students, connected to specific areas  f including the Community Centers, outdoor programs, Greek Life, public service and civic engagement.
  • Building a mini-grant program through which; (1) leaders of the junior class can use funding to bring the members of the  junior class together in social activities like off-campus dinners, Halloween events, laser tag, etc.; and (2) any member of the junior class or student organization planning an event specifically for juniors can apply for funding to support their new and creative ideas for how to bring the class together.
  • Hosting a resource fair to re-introduce juniors to academic departments and student activities on campus.
  • Junior Class welcome events such as a tailgate party at the first football game or an outdoor garden progressive. 

For our rising seniors, some of the things we are planning are:

  • Homecoming & Reunion for the Class of 2022:  A large welcome back event for the class to gather.  
  • Residential Events:  Many of our seniors are living in apartments and on the row.  We are planning to offer large events in these areas to help bring the senior class together including things like: Frontyard Friday on the Row; welcome back to campus picnic for Class of ‘22 in EVGR-A.
  • Hold Class of ‘22 Senior Gatherings at The Arbor, Frost, etc.  Events could even include something like a senior formal

Social Project

The Stanford Social Project is picking up where we left off before the pandemic and the group is working to plan a variety of inspired social opportunities.  Some of the highlights from this student driven collaboration include enhancing the Arbor outdoor pub and performance space at Tresidder, emphasizing an outdoor campus Halloween celebration in the fall and activating popup events in new and different campus locations that can be tailored to promote connection across class years. The group is also working to capture sacred student-led traditions (like special dinners and Row house events) to easily adapt and integrate them with the ResX goals in mind. 

Learn More About ResX

Who is helping to work on these projects?

Sophomore Planning Group

  • Warren Chiang, Academic Advising, co-chair
  • Orlando White, Residential Education, co-chair
  • Terry Smith, R&DE
  • Dayo Mitchell, SIS 
  • Snehal Naik, Office of Student Engagement
  • Lara Tohme, Academic Advising
  • Grant Parker, Resident Fellow
  • Cindy Ng, A3C
  • Ashley Eberle, BEAM
  • Aneel Chima, Well-Being
  • kashi m zabaleta hinojosa, Well-Being
  • Rebecca Katz, VPO

Junior Planning Group

  • Brian Thomas, co-chair
  • Emelyn dela Peña - (Leadership program), co-chair
  • James Tarbox (BEAM)
  • Nate Boswell (Social Project)
  • Angie Wilcox (ResEd)
  • Christine Min Wotipka and/or anthony antonio
  • Mohammed Soriano-Bilal
  • Melissa Stringer (advising)
  • BoSP/Haas member(s)
  • Arlene Abucay (Energy Resources Engineering)
  • Mara Violanti (Materials Science)
  • Vivian Sana (English)
  • Jesse Calderon (Biology) 
  • Sophomore Class Presidents: Alison Cohen, Ecy King, Grant King & John Bailey 
  • Project Management Support: Rebecca Katz and Ankita Rahke 
  • Scheduling Support: Annie Kishiyama