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Central Office Staff

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Our central office staff is composed of a diverse group of individuals who are committed to Our Most Important Work and, by doing so, help make Stanford's communities the best they can be. Here, you can find contact information for our team.  

Central Office Staff

Administrative Support

Susan Jones, Executive Assistant | 650.723.8213

Jennifer Calvert, Chief of Staff, Assistant Vice Provost for Strategy

Nate Boswell, Special Assistant | 650.814.1187 

Pat Lopes Harris, Communications Director | 408.656.6999

Christine Wong Mineta, Associate Director of Communications for Student Health and Well-being

Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain, Associate Vice Provost for Administration

Tim Barroca, Computing Support Analyst | 650.391.8286

Susan Benton, ASSU Accounting Manager | 650.375.2473

Amanda Boyd, Director, Budget Management and Administration | 650.724.2311

Ruth Wei Chang, Financial Management Analyst | 650.725.2777

Noyd Cooper, Director, IT Support | 650.804.6065

Il Hyung Cho, Computing Support Analyst | 650.387.3340

Sam Disbrow, Talent Engagement Coordinator | 650.464.8378

Keyana Fountain, Senior Human Resources Administrator | 650.497.1549

Gretchen Fuentes, Human Resources Director for Student Affairs | 650.725.1658

Michael Jarocki, Human Resources Administrator | 650.721.1748

Brian Joe, ASSU Accountant | 650.681.9185

Heather Kirton, ASSU Administrative Services Administrator | 650.375.2481

Patrick O'Neal, ASSU Accountant | 650.815.6376

TJ Parker, Online Content and Media Coordinator | 650.723.4314

Lisa Poon, Senior Human Resources Administrator | 650.725.0295

Julia Simmons, Meeting Services Specialist | 650.723.4314

Jeanette Smith-Laws, Director, Operations and Student Unions | 650.387.4885