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Help Keep Our Campus Safe

Parents' Weekend. Teresa and Mervin Wright plan their day after checking in at the Arrillaga Alumni Center. Credit: Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Student Affairs Initiatives

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Student Affairs is constantly evolving and growing to meet the needs of our diverse communities. Here you can find more information about what we are working on along with recent updates.

Tile image featuring the Our Most Important Work logo in a circular design.

Our Most Important Work

The Division of Student Affairs focuses on six key areas reflecting the most important issues facing the student community.

ResX logo against white and gray background. Credit: Sean Mckibbon-Ray

Neighborhoods: 2022-23 Updates

Progress on our transition to neighborhoods, adjustments we’re making to respond to challenges students have helped to identify, and long-term plans.

Aerial view of Stanford with Hoover Tower and Oval. Credit Linda A. Cicero / Stanford News Service

Core 10 Student Org Policies

Brief, clear, consistent guidance streamlines more the 45 policies covering membership, events, travel, financial management and more. 

 Stanford Oval. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Stanford Group Accountability Process

Simplified  policies and a common accountability process for all student orgs and groups.

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Protected Identity Harm Reporting

We envision a process that will create an environment where students who report harm feel heard and supported. 

Students enjoying time at the recently opened Arbor.

An update on alcohol and other drugs

We are committed to continuously evaluating what we are doing – and responding in a timely way to emerging issues. Here are our plans for winter 2022.

Winter flowers at the Main Quad. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Student Affairs News

Here you can find the latest in news about Student Affairs, via the Stanford Report.