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Help Keep Our Campus Safe

Frosh Saba Weatherspoon checking into her residence hall. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

The First Year

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What’s Happened

  • 7 additional all-frosh houses were added to campus for a total of 19 all-frosh houses serving the class of '25.

  • 97.5% of our frosh were placed in their first or second choice of housing type.*

  • Our University Theme Houses for Frosh including Ethnic Theme Dorms, Public Service, SLE and ITALIC, continue to be popular housing choices and homes where frosh are welcomed into strong communities.

    *This does not include late admit students. 


 Convocation, DEI. Credit: Andrew Brodhead
Accent line featuring neighborhood colors in a gradient

What’s Next

Creating  Right-Sized All-Frosh Communities:  Students continue to share the importance of their frosh year dorm community.  We are working to right size frosh dorms to ensure you can know the community you live in. We will be decreasing the size of all-frosh communities to 175 or fewer students.  

To help accomplish this, we will be: 

  • Moving Branner from Neighborhood F to Neighborhood N, which will allow Crothers complex to have one building (Crothers) devoted to all-frosh, and one building (Crothers Memorial) devoted to upperclass students.  If you are currently living in Branner, don’t worry!  Your home neighborhood will remain Neighborhood F for next year!  In addition, Lantana will become an all-frosh dorm.
  • Adelfa, Lantana, & Loro will be transitioned from all-frosh houses to upperclass houses.
Class of 2025. Credit: Andrew Brodhead