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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Sophomore welcome.

Class of 2024

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Connecting with their class!

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Sophomore Families Welcome
Welcome to Campus

Our Families

Our sophomore families had a chance to get to know campus, too! Check out their schedule of events.

Student Organization & Engagement Fair overhead
Welcome to Campus

Student Organization & Engagement Fair

Students were able to connect in person with their student groups and find new groups to join!

SoCo students with cameras.
Welcome to Campus


As our sophomores were getting ready to come back to campus, they shared with us that they needed the information our frosh typically get, but with a sophomore focus.

Students in the main quad participating in Scavenger Hunt
Connecting with Their Class

Scavenger Hunt

Our sophomores even got to participate in the campus tradition of scavenger hunt!

Students dancing at Sophomore Formal.
Connecting with Their Class

Sophomore Formal

Over 400 students got together and got dressed to celebrate at their sophomore formal!

Accent line featuring the 8 neighborhood colors.

Additional Class of 2024 Programs

  • Community Center Connections:  The Community Centers on campus have hosted gatherings focused on sophomores to help students connect! Learn more
  • Sophomore Classes:  50 students enrolled in “Claiming Your Stanford Experience:  Encountering People, Ideas, and Places”, a new sophomore-focused winter course
  • Sophomore 101:  50 students joined the Sophomore 101 class in the fall to help them connect with one another and adjust to life on campus. Learn more
    • Frosh 101: The Frosh 101 program is hosting reunion groups for sophomores, now that they are on campus together!
  • Superbowl Party:  Sophomores gathered together to watch the superbowl at the Arbor on campus! Learn more
  • Wayfinder Program: We have over 250 sophomores signed up and that list is growing. We are in the process of launching a second wave of matches! Learn more
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