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Foam Machine on the Quad, 2023. Credit: Sydney Osifeso

Task Force Update: October 2023

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The Neighborhoods Task Force is building a research, discussion, and decision-making process to help each of our task force members learn more about how the assignment, reassignment, neighborhood configuration, and community building processes work today for undergraduates.

  • Building greater awareness and understanding across the task force
  • Preparing background materials for discussions and decisions in the fall quarter
  • Relooking at the report and feedback from the initial ResX work
  • Gathering feedback from students, professional staff, RFs, and alumni

Task Force Answering Key Questions

As part of the task force’s summer preparation work, the group has been focused on studying changes enacted to date and examining how best to help students answer three key questions: 

  1. Where will I live? 
  2. Who will I live with? 
  3. What will I experience? 

The task force will use focus groups and surveys to gather input from students, professional staff, RFs, and alumni to inform its work, and a set of discussion and decision meetings throughout the fall quarter will help the task force form scenarios to prepare for the final report to be delivered in early December. The task force just completed its second meeting with discussions on the design principles of the neighborhood model and the different aspects of the pre-assignment process. The next meeting will cover an overview presentation from R&DE and the assignment and reassignment processes.

FACES, 2023. Credit:  Chris Tuite / Ethography

Faculty/Staff Feedback

Faculty and staff can share feedback below. 

Frosh Opening, 2023. Credit: Nikolas Liepins / Ethography

Student survey

Students who complete the survey can also opt into a drawing for $20 Amazon gift cards. We have 120 to give away right after the survey closes on Friday October 27th.

 Foam Machine on the Quad, 2023. Credit: Sydney Osifeso