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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Committee of 12

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The Committee of 12 (C12) is a committee comprised of students, faculty, and staff tasked with examining and making recommendations regarding the Honor Code, Judicial Charter and Process, and interpretations of the Fundamental Standard. It is specifically charged with examining whether these documents and processes reflect a system of accountability that fairly aligns with the values and needs of today’s campus community, prioritizing student development and learning. 

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The Need to Review

Since the Student Judicial Charter (1997), Fundamental Standard (1896), and Honor Code (1921) were initially articulated, significant changes in community, culture, technology, and societal norms have resulted in challenges and complexities that could not have been anticipated at the time of their creation. As a result, such review is necessary for ensuring the ongoing effectiveness and parity that was–and continues to be–intended in their application. 

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To complete our charge, the C12 needs your input!  Community feedback is essential.  We encourage students and faculty to share their questions, insights, ideas, and concerns with the committee.

C12 Office Hours

The C12 is hosting regular office hours throughout January-March 2023. The C12 January-March Office Hours provides days, times, and the zoom link for accessing them. 

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Online Feedback Form

We invite all community members to share their thoughts using this online feedback form. Designed to take 5 minutes to complete, it will remain anonymous and open for the duration of the 2022-23 academic year.

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C12 Focus Groups

The C-12 Student Outreach Focus Groups are currently underway! The C-12 will be leading Focus groups and offering Drop-In hours for students in our second floor Tressider Conference Room (just follow the signs!) January 10-20, 2023. While the schedule is still subject to change, this link offers the most up-to-date calendar of when and where to find open Focus Groups and Drop In hours.

  • If you are unable to attend any of the drop in or focus group times, we strongly encourage all students to either a) attend theposted office hours, beginning January 22nd, b) reach out to the C-12 Student Co-chair, Jamie Fine to schedule a private meeting, or c) use the anonymous feedback form on this webpage.
  • If you have a group that would like a focus group–either live during the 10th-20th or virtual at any time before March 1, please contact directly.

We look forward to hearing from as many students as possible about these important policies and procedures!

For More Information

Please contact: Jamie Fine, Student Co-Chair of the C12