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Booster Shot Information

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All eligible students will be required to provide documentation of a booster, unless they have a medical or religious accommodation. Upload your documentation and review relevant resources. 

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  • Where do I upload my shot record? Booster documentation should be uploaded to Look for the “COVID vaccination” button (top center of the home page).
  • When am I eligible for a booster? You are eligible for a booster 5 months after completing a Pfizer or Moderna primary series. You’ll find additional eligibility guidance here (middle column). Here’s how to get a booster through Stanford Health Care and here’s where to get a booster off-campus.
  • What happens if I do not get boosted? You won't be able to register for classes until you submit your booster documentation, or receive an exemption (extensions are available to students who are not yet eligible for a booster, see details in the FAQ below). The university will place an enrollment hold on your Axess account if you are booster eligible do not submit booster documentation, consistent with our policy for the COVID immunization requirement announced last summer. Your financial aid or university research or teaching assistantship or fellowship support may also be affected.
  • Why does Stanford have a student booster shot requirement? Our booster requirement is intended to support sustained immunity against COVID-19 and is consistent with the advice of county and federal public health leaders. Booster shots enhance immunity, providing additional protection to individuals and reducing the possibility of being hospitalized for COVID. In addition, booster shots prevent infection in many individuals, thereby slowing the spread of the virus. A heavily boosted campus community reduces the possibility of widespread disruptions that could impact the student experience, especially in terms of in-person classes and activities and congregate housing.
  • Should I get a booster shot if I had COVID recently or if I have COVID now? You should get a booster shot as soon as you recover. It is safe and we recommend it to boost your immunity from variants. If you have questions about your individual circumstances, contact Vaden Health Services (send a secure message to the "COVID Medical Care Team" through
  • I am not eligible to get a booster. What should I do? If you are not eligible for a booster prior to class registration (see eligibility timing above), get one as soon as you are eligible. If you won’t be eligible for a booster prior to class registration, request an extension by completing this form.
  • I was immunized while abroad. Am I eligible for a booster shot? Guidance for those immunized abroad is available on Vaden Health Services' home page (middle column).
  • All of my classes are online. Is a booster required for me? Yes, so that you will be clear to be on campus should you choose to visit or attend in-person classes in the future.
  • I am not living on campus this quarter. Is a booster required for me? Yes, so that you will be clear to be on campus should you choose to visit or attend in-person classes in the future
  • Where can I learn more about the COVID-19 vaccination requirement? Learn more about the vaccination requirement and related FAQs here.