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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Vaccination, Boosters, and FAQs

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Effective Monday, April 10, the university will no longer require – but will continue to strongly recommend – COVID vaccinations and boosters for faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars, and students.

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COVID-19 Guidance for Students

COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters continue to be safe and effective ways to lower the risk of contracting COVID-19, reduce the severity of symptoms, and prevent hospitalization and long-term effects. A heavily vaccinated and boosted campus community reduces the possibility of widespread disruptions that could impact the student experience, especially in terms of in-person classes and activities and congregate housing. More on COVID-19 guidance for students

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Top Questions

  • Where can I get vaccinated? Go to VaccineFinder to help identify providers who offer COVID-19 vaccines locally. Here are Stanford resources to help you learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations and how to obtain them.
  • Where do I upload my vaccination & booster records? Upload your record to the Vaden patient portal
  • What about my family members? Vaccinations are also recommended for spouses, partners, and children. Vaccination resources are here.
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Submitting Your Immunization Record

  • How do I submit my immunization record? Sign in to the Vaden patient portal and follow the instructions to upload a copy of your documentation and enter the dates of vaccination(s). 
  • What documentation should I submit to share that I am vaccinated? Students vaccinated in the United States should upload their CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. Students vaccinated outside the United States are permitted to upload documentation from other countries.
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Students Unable to Get Vaccinated in Their Home Locations

  • What do I do if I cannot get vaccinated in my home location? We can help arriving students obtain their vaccinations if they have been unable to obtain one at their home location. More information on vaccination providers in the United States is here.

Booster FAQs

We encourage everyone who is eligible to get the bivalent booster authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • When am I eligible for a booster? Use the CDC's "Find Out When You Can Get Your Booster" tool to see if you are eligible.  
  • Where can I get boosted? Here’s how to get a booster through Stanford Health Care and here’s where to get a booster off-campus.
  • How else does a booster benefit me? Receiving a booster also greatly reduces the risk of developing Long COVID. The CDC estimates that about one in every five people who get COVID-19, even those with no symptoms when infected, develop and suffer from Long COVID-19, which can have devastating and debilitating long-term health effects including nervous system, digestive, heart, and breathing issues. 
  • Where do I upload my shot record? Booster documentation should be uploaded to Look for the “COVID vaccination” button (top center of the home page).

  • Should I get a booster shot if I had COVID recently or if I have COVID now? You should get a booster shot as soon as you recover. It is safe and we recommend it to boost your immunity from variants. If you have questions about your individual circumstances, contact Vaden Health Services (send a secure message to the "COVID Medical Care Team" through
  • I am not eligible to get a booster. What should I do? If you are not eligible for a booster (see eligibility timing above), we encourage you to get one as soon as you are eligible.