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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

Science and Engineering Quads (SEQ and SEQ2) Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Ending your isolation period

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Thank you for helping us keep campus as healthy and safe as possible!

We encourage everyone to wear face coverings and to test upon arrival, and then re-test and isolate as needed. Here's more information for students, campers, and visitors:

- If you are attending a conference or residential camp, contact Residential & Dining Enterprises, Stanford Conferences.
- If you are a varsity athlete please contact Stanford Athletic training at 650.498.0261, or your team athletic trainer.
- If you are a high school or graduate summer session visiting student, review Summer Session Guidance on Testing Positive.
All other students, the COVID guidance found below applies to you.

Step-by-step instructions for all students

You can only be cleared to leave Stanford isolation under medical guidance from Vaden Health Services (or the Sports Medicine team for varsity athletes). Rapid tests will be made available to students in isolation as follows.

Neighborhood Gradient Accent Line


Vaden will send you a message, via its patient portal, as you approach Day 7 in isolation. You are required to respond to this message to report that you have met the requirements to leave isolation.

The message will provide the following guidance: 

  1. Your isolation period will end on Day 7 if you test negative with a rapid test on Day 7; you are symptom free or have much improved symptoms; you have not had fever (measured or felt) for at least 48 hours without medication; and you would like to leave isolation on that day. You will be required to upload an image showing your negative test result and ID when you respond to the Vaden message.  
  2. Otherwise, your isolation period ends after Day 10.

Rapid tests will be made available to students in designated quarantine/isolation spaces or isolating in their room as follows:

If you check into isolation space  You will receive a rapid test kit when you check in to the Q/I desk.
Students isolating in their rooms and receiving meal delivery from R&DE A rapid test kit will be delivered to you. If you have not already done so, complete this form to report your positive test results and to begin receiving support services such as meal delivery. Then read this information to become acquainted with the expectations and resources in place for you.
Students on campus receiving meal delivery from Uber Eats Pick up a rapid test kit at the Quarantine/Isolation Housing Front Desk located at 143 Ayrshire Farm Lane, Apartment 104, Stanford, CA 94305. The Q/I Desk hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
Students not receiving meal delivery from R&DE or Uber Eats Pick up a rapid test kit at the Quarantine/Isolation Housing Front Desk located at 143 Ayrshire Farm Lane, Apartment 104, Stanford, CA 94305. The Q/I Desk hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
Varsity athletes You will receive a rapid test from the Sports Medicine team.
Students isolating in non-Stanford housing Here are options in your community.

On day 7 of isolation, if you are picking up a rapid test kit at the Q/I desk, you will be asked to show ID and the Vaden message inviting you to test out of isolation. Please remember to wear a face covering, preferably KN95 or N95. Return to your room to take the test and follow the instructions above.

Neighborhood Gradient Accent Line

Other requirements and information

Return your key and access card! 

If you are in a university isolation space, return your key and access card to the key return drop-box next to the Quarantine/Isolation Housing Front Desk (143 Ayrshire Farm Lane, Apartment 104) key pick-up window. 

Note the access points (red stars on map) from either Campus Drive or Escondido Road. Parking is limited, but available directly in front of EV 143 for students to drop off keys. Instructions will be present at the front door/entry.

The cards are cleaned/sterilized and made ready to be reissued to the next student housed in that location. These cards are a premium and need to be returned or deactivated for security reasons. If you don't return your key and card, you may be charged a fee. Questions? Contact the Q/I desk or 650.784.5961. 

COVID pattern against Sky-colored background. Credit: Freepik

Do not test for 90 days with Color

The CDC does not recommend retesting using a viral diagnostic test like Color within 90 days because a positive result without new symptoms more likely represents persistent shedding of viral RNA, rather than an active infection. Your Health Check badge has been adjusted to reflect the 90-day testing exemption. You do not need to participate in weekly surveillance testing for 90 days.


Neighborhood Gradient Accent Line

Please continue to take good care of yourself!