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Remember... it is okay to not be okay.

New Graduate Student Orientation. Credit: Andrew Brodhead

Guidance for graduates, professional students and postdocs guidance who test positive for COVID-19

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If you haven’t already, immediately following a positive COVID-19 test result all students should:

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Positive test results in Color are automatically reported to Health Check. Review important next steps and resources available for COVID positive graduates, professional students, and postdocs below.

Circumstance Time What to do
I tested positive while away from campus (results from non-Stanford Color testing). Until further notice Do not travel! Send a copy of your positive test result (a PCR test is preferred) to the "Covid Medical Care Team" through the Vaden patient portal and submit Health Check. Plan to isolate for 10 days in your current location. The CDC shortened the recommended time for isolation from 10 days to five days for asymptomatic individuals. However, Santa Clara County (where Stanford is located) is still assessing this new guidance. Do not change your travel plans on the assumption that five days is sufficient.
I tested positive while living in Stanford housing (results from rapid or Color test).  Until further notice Students who test positive and live in Stanford housing with a private bedroom and a single-occupancy bathroom will isolate in their assigned housing unit. Learn more here.
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If you were on campus within the two days prior to taking your positive COVID test, please submit the Stanford Building Exposure form.